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Aired on April 28, 2020
Episode 38
5 Minutes To Save A $200K Sale
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When facing a potential loss of a $200K sale with only 5 minutes left, stay calm, identify the issue, and offer a solution. Use social proof like success stories to build confidence, then reiterate key benefits and express commitment to seal the deal.

5 Minutes To Save A $200K Sale

Ever been close to losing a $200K sale, with just 5 minutes to save it? It's a lot of pressure, but with the right approach, you can still win the deal. Let's look at how to use those 5 minutes effectively to save that big sale.

Stay Calm and Focused

Facing the loss of a big sale can be stressful. The key is to stay calm and focused. Take a deep breath and remember your skills and experience. You can handle this.

Identify the Issue

First, figure out why the sale is in jeopardy. Is it the price, a misunderstanding, or doubts about value? Quickly pinpoint the main problem the buyer has.

Offer a Solution

Once you know the issue, provide a solution. This might mean changing the price, clearing up misunderstandings, or showing the value of your product. Be ready to tackle the problem directly and show you're willing to work with the buyer.

Leverage Social Proof

Use your limited time to share success stories or testimonials. Show how your product has helped others. This can build confidence in the buyer and support your case.

Seal the Deal

In the final moments, push to close the deal. Highlight the benefits and value of your offer. Show your commitment to the buyer's satisfaction. Create urgency, but also show you're in it for the long haul. This approach can persuade the buyer to go ahead with the purchase.


In sales, every minute matters, especially with a $200K deal at stake. Stay calm, identify the problem, offer a solution, use social proof, and close the deal. You can turn things around with the right strategy.

Don't let pressure get to you. Use it to show your expertise and commitment to potential clients. You can do this!

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Biggest Takeaways:

  • If you’re asking people to spend money with you, you have to be able to justify the results in the impact and the return that they’re going to be able to get.
  • Our prospects and our leads are becoming and are more discerning. Meaning that they’re being more thoughtful over each line item that they are actually spending money on.
  • Especially for high ticket, high value clients, less is more. They value the specific areas that you can help them with more than the quantity of areas they do not want to have.


  • Why you should not give your potential clients every single detail of your offer and always quality over quantity especially in this case [07:41]
  • Why you need to get a commitment before your sales conversation ends [09:09]
  • Never ever, ever send a proposal [11:16]

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