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Welcome to Master the Sales Game

I’m Susan, the Business Sales & Success Coach for you, established & ambitious entrepreneur ready to grow your business & achieve consistent $10K+ income without spending your whole life IN your business.

If you’re struggling to consistently convert sales calls to paying clients without feeling pushy or salesy, I’ve got your back.

If you want to make consistent $10K – $20K income without spending double the time, I can help.

Episode 64: Holiday Sales Planning

  If you’re thinking about taking advantage of holiday sales to be as successful as possible while also helping your audience, stay tuned to today’s episode.  We’re talking about something I see happening every year. We often leave important things to the last...

Episode 61: Becoming A Market Of One

Making your competition irrelevant is the holy grail we are all looking for. Sometimes you feel stuck, thinking about how you can become more visible in the crowded sea of the business world, right? Maybe you’re thinking: How do I stand out head and shoulders over...

Episode 60: 3 Ways To Double Your Sales

Do you feel like you're missing something? Or that customers are not so engaged with your product? Do you feel that you are not getting the sales you want? Do you feel that you are stagnant and that it is not possible to change this situation? Regardless of whether...

Episode 59: The Critical Place Where Sales Happen

Getting potential clients to become paying clients can’t happen without this missing link.  Clients only buy when there’s a need for them to change from where they currently are to what life would be like with your product or service.  But how do you use this to...

Episode 58: Selling to the Genders

I always say that selling is serving, but not every customer is the same, right? People have different personalities, perceptions, preferences and desires, but that’s not all that influences when making a sale or negotiating with your client. Did you know you may...

Episode 52: The Toughest Sale You Will Ever Make

When I first started in sales, and it may sound very familiar to you because if you're anything like I was, I never wanted to have a career in sales (if you haven't heard that story, click here to listen). In fact, even right now, sometimes the idea of...

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