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Welcome to Master the Sales Game

I’m Susan, the Business Sales & Success Coach for you, established & ambitious entrepreneur ready to grow your business & achieve consistent $10K+ income without spending your whole life IN your business.

If you’re struggling to consistently convert sales calls to paying clients without feeling pushy or salesy, I’ve got your back.

If you want to make consistent $10K – $20K income without spending double the time, I can help.

Episode 11: Self-Care = Better Sales Results 

How does self-care even relate to our business? In this episode, I share the 5 key benefits when you focus on you in your business. We’re going to dive deep into this really short but really impactful conversation. Too often we're focused so much on...

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Episode 6: My Key Takeaways On Selling With Ease

After helping other sales professionals sell over 600 million through my sales career, I’ve learnt that it's very different selling products and services for somebody else on behalf of another person or another company, another brand versus having to...

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Episode 5: How I Hit 6-Figures in 6 Months

I created six-figures in six months, going from the zero list zero audience, zero connections, literally zero everything. In this episode, I'm going to dive into the details of the exact steps I took initially to start my online business, even though I...

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