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Welcome to Master the Sales Game

I’m Susan, the Business Sales & Success Coach for you, established & ambitious entrepreneur ready to grow your business & achieve consistent $10K+ income without spending your whole life IN your business.

If you’re struggling to consistently convert sales calls to paying clients without feeling pushy or salesy, I’ve got your back.

If you want to make consistent $10K – $20K income without spending double the time, I can help.

Episode 157 – All You Need to Know About Leads

In today's episode, we’ll talk about the three different types of leads for your business and why it’s important that you don’t approach them in exactly the same way and understand the differences to see more strategies, more customers and more sales coming. This...

Episode 155 – How Do the Rich Make Money?

Today we are going to talk about how the rich make money. Have you ever stopped to think about great success stories in the business world? How these people think, act and make decisions when it comes to making money, creating wealth and achieving goals is our...

Episode 147 – How to Handle Market Volatility

Wondering if we’re in a bear market? We’re back with another episode of our investment series, this time talking about the stock market. After this episode, you’ll understand what has been going on in the macro economy, the global economy, and some of the major...

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