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Welcome to Master the Sales Game

I’m Susan, the Business Sales & Success Coach for you, established & ambitious entrepreneur ready to grow your business & achieve consistent $10K+ income without spending your whole life IN your business.

If you’re struggling to consistently convert sales calls to paying clients without feeling pushy or salesy, I’ve got your back.

If you want to make consistent $10K – $20K income without spending double the time, I can help.

Episode 52: The Toughest Sale You Will Ever Make

When I first started in sales, and it may sound very familiar to you because if you're anything like I was, I never wanted to have a career in sales (if you haven't heard that story, click here to listen). In fact, even right now, sometimes the idea of...

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Episode 43: To Sell or Not To Sell

Here’s the million dollar question: To sell or not to sell? You probably already know the answer and where my bias is leaning. You want selling to be fun. You want it to feel easy. And I know that sometimes it feels far from it. I had a very long...

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Episode 42: The Key To Closing Deals Faster

After having closed hundreds, thousands and maybe tens of thousands of deals over my lifetime as a career salesperson and sales leader, then multiplying that by my team sales volumes, I know the main thing that's holding you back from closing sales are a few...

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Episode 38: 5 Minutes To Save A $200K Sale

This is a short and sweet, yet packs a punch, episode you’re not gonna want to miss. If you’re struggling with your sales process, you're sending out proposals after proposals after proposals and nothing. They're not turning into close deals or paying...

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