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Welcome to Master the Sales Game

I’m Susan, the Business Sales & Success Coach for you, established & ambitious entrepreneur ready to grow your business & achieve consistent $10K+ income without spending your whole life IN your business.

If you’re struggling to consistently convert sales calls to paying clients without feeling pushy or salesy, I’ve got your back.

If you want to make consistent $10K – $20K income without spending double the time, I can help.

Episode 103 – 3 Reasons Why You Struggle to Sell

This episode in truth, could be hours and hours and hours, because there are lots of reasons why folks like you and me struggle to sell each and every single day in our businesses and in our interactions with our customers.   But I wanted to pick the three...

Episode 101 – 5 Sales Myths You Need to Know

A myth is something that is not true and in today's episode I'll share with you 5 Sales Myths that you need to know about. We talk about myths, not tricks, so we can bust them down and if you have a negative perception about sales and sales people in particular,...

Episode 100 – The Journey to 100 Episodes

Celebration time!! We've reached 100 episodes on the Master the Sales Game Podcast! I can’t believe how far we’ve come sharing tips, insights, frameworks, strategies, powerful mindsets, guests and much more focused on the world of business and sales.   Thank...

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