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In this episode, I want to share my top seven keys to recession proof your business (and also Corona proof your business) for these uncertain times, especially as we are navigating these uncharted waters. 

And I don’t want to make light of the situation, but I also want to make sure that you have some tools, resources and support while you are navigating exactly what’s happening in the world right now. I’m going to walk you through my seven keys that I think might help put some of your minds at ease so you can focus on the strategic things in order to actually move forward in your business.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • If you can get through all of this crisis, the pandemic, and possibly a recession without losing your shirt and having everything go out from underneath you, then you are going to be in good standing. 
  • Do you have an opportunity to diversify? Because the more diverse your income streams are, the more diverse your customer base is. The more diverse your offers are, the better off you are to be able to weather the storms that come with emergencies and with things like a recession or pandemic.
  • The number one thing that can help give you an immense ROI besides business development, is to invest in your skills.



  • Don’t stop your business development activities. the activities that you do today, you may not actually see the results or the fruit from your efforts for three weeks, three months, or even three years, but do them.. [Tweet This] 
  • The most overlooked point of where to get new clients being referrals is something that we can all do a better job with. [Tweet This]
  • You can invest in yourself without having to be in person.There’s tons of virtual options, whether that is video. audio or eBooks. There is no limit to how you can invest in yourself and build your skills. [Tweet This] 



  • Why sometimes your best move may be to do nothing [00:49]
  • Why you cannot stop your business development activities [03:55]
  • When you need to get creative and diversify your offers. Focus on the potential to pivot [06:34]
  • How to get people to refer ideal clients to you [09:26]
  • The number one thing that can help give you an immense ROI besides business development [11:42]
  • What to do if you are facing a cash crunch in your business [20:25]
  • How to manage your time when you’re entire family is at home because you can’t go out due to the current situation [23:12]


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