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Today we are talking all about the 7 ways you may actually be sabotaging your sales success. I know it sounds pretty ominous, but I promise you it’s actually pretty painless. More importantly, these are simple things that you can fix right away in your sales process so that you can improve your sales success!

In this episode, I also talk about why these things may be preventing you from being able to make as much money and help as many people as you desire to. These are simple changes you can make to improve your sales success immediately.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Sales activities are a MUST DO daily. Not a nice to do, not an after I do my branding, update my website, work on another graphic or go hang out on social media. If all of those activities are being done specifically to drive a sales result, then yes, they are sales activities. However, too often when I see from my clients is that they’re hiding behind the busy work.
  • Validate your market idea first over anything else. This way, you’re not wasting a lot of time, effort, energy and sometimes money to create all of these systems, put tools together, put the courses into a system, which you aren’t even sure will sell.
  • You need to have the knowledge of your clients’ biggest problems because this knowledge is power. Make sure that you point that out and they know that you know how to solve that as well. Being able to bottle that up and provide that to your clients is the ultimate solution.


  • Identify what are the key areas of your sales process that are going to make the biggest bang for your buck, the biggest impact to your bottom line and to your customers. [Tweet This]
  • Think for yourself; what’s in it for me? Answer that question for your customers. How do you go deeper? Because it’s the deeper piece that is really driving people. [Tweet This]
  • When you can be quiet and listen more than you speak, you’re gonna make way more sales and help more people. [Tweet This]


  • Why you need to stop doing ALL the things [01:55]
  • How to connect deeply with your audience and customers to help them make their buying decision [03:15]
  • Why you need to prioritize the REAL sales activities [05:31]
  • How to validate your idea before creating anything, so you’re not wasting time on selling something that your audience don’t want to buy [07:19]
  • How to find the correct price point for the results that you are delivering with your products and services [12:01]
  • Why you may only be talking about you, and not about helping your clients solve their biggest problem [18:33]
  • How you are not giving your customers the opportunity to say YES [21:22]

Bonus Resource:

5 Steps To Growing Your Abundant Sales MindsetHow to connect authentically with your audience so you can finally sell with more ease and less sleaze. Grab your free copy now.

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