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Aired on September 16, 2019
Episode 2
How to Handle Pricing Objections With Ease
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We will be focusing on the main reasons behind price objections. "I can't afford it" is a common objection that you hear nowadays. Which is why I will break down why pricing objections happen

How to Handle Pricing Objections With Ease

Welcome to our latest episode where we go deeper into the topic of handling pricing objections easier. If you have been selling high expertise services, products, or programs, you may have encountered the popular objection, “I can’t afford it.” Today, we are going to break down exactly why pricing objections happen and what you need to focus on instead. We’ll also share some helpful strategies to overcome this common challenge.

Why Pricing Objections Are Not Always Real

Pricing objections are not always genuine. People will find the money for things that are valuable and important to them. What you are selling is an opportunity for your potential customers to make a change in their lives. It’s important to understand that their desire for your offer needs to be greater than any fears or doubts they may have. People are often afraid to commit to change, and the easiest way to express this is by stating that you can’t afford it.

Validating Their Concerns

When a customer presents a pricing objection, it’s important to address their concerns without dismissing them. Acknowledge their feelings and ask for permission to go deeper into the conversation. Often, what seems like a pricing objection may actually be a cover for underlying fears or doubts. By engaging in a genuine conversation, you can find out the reasons behind the objection.

Is Your Program a Fit?

Assess whether your program or service is a good fit for your potential customer. Ask them this, without considering money, they see the value in what you offer. This conversation can help them find out if the objection is genuine or if it’s a way for the customer to avoid committing to a decision. If it is a genuine fit, explore how you and the customer can work together to make the investment work.

Taking a Look at Your Prices

If you find yourself still struggling with pricing objections, take a look at your prices. If you are uncomfortable with the prices you are setting, this can manifest in your conversations and trigger objections. Ensure that your prices are set at a point where you are confident in the value you provide. When you are certain that what you deliver is top-notch and is more valuable than the price you are asking for, it becomes powerful.


Remember, you are in control of your prices, and you have the power to adjust them at any time. It’s important to be confident in the value of your offer and to communicate this confidence to your customers. If you need more support in handling pricing objections, get our free resource, where we provide three effective strategies for helping you get through this. Thousands have benefited from this resource, and we hope it will help you too.

Handling pricing objections doesn’t have to be scary. With the right mindset and strategies, you can navigate these conversations confidently. Keep in mind that your offer is valuable, and your potential customers need to see and understand that. By approaching pricing objections with confidence, you can guide your customers through their fears and doubts to a place of decision and commitment.

We hope you found these strategies helpful. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more support about pricing objections. Let’s overcome this challenge together!

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Biggest Takeaways:

  • Pricing objections are not always real. We WILL find the money for the things that are the most valuable to us. The things that are the most important and the things that we prioritize.
  • Your customer or your potential customer is thinking, “Is it worth it?”, “Can I do it?”, “Do I want to move forward?”, “Is this the right time?”. All of these thoughts and doubts are creeping up and it’s being manifested in these words of “I can’t afford it.”.
  • It’s a matter of figuring out how you can be resourceful, how can they be resourceful and coming to a place where the investment makes sense for both of you.
  • When you come from that place of knowing what you deliver is top notch quality such that it is way more valuable than what you’re asking people to invest with you, that is pretty magnetic.


  • Their desire for your offer needs to be far greater than any fear, doubts, confusion that they’re holding onto that is allowing them to stay where they currently are. 
  • You have within your control a lot of different levers and mechanisms, strategies to help you overcome pricing objections. 
  • Be confident that the value you’re giving is equal to or more than the price that you are charging and the investment that you’re asking for comes from that place of service. 


  • Why pricing objections are not always real [01:50]
  • What you are selling is an opportunity [04:17]
  • What to do when pricing objections come up and how to identify if it is really about the money or something else [05:11]
  • How to validate their concerns [07:44]
  • How to walk them through the resistance and find out if your offer is a fit for them [11:58]
  • If you are still stuck, this may be the ONE last thing that may be triggering pricing objections [14:13]

Bonus Resource:

Turn “I Can’t Afford It.” Into “Sign Me Up!” – Overcome price objections to get more sales, more paying clients and turn those Nos into Yeses! Grab your free copy now.

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