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Price isn’t the main reason why you keep hearing “I can’t afford it.”. In this episode, we dive deep into this topic and talk about how to handle pricing objections with ease. If you have been selling your services, your products, your programs as a high expertise coach, consultant, you may have come across this very, very popular objection, which is “I can’t afford it.”.

Perhaps you have even decided to go ahead and discount and lower your prices and give people special offers deals. And yet, guess what, you’re still hearing. “I can’t afford it.” Today, I’m going to break down for you exactly why pricing objections happen, what you actually need to be focusing on instead. Plus strategies that will help you to get over this, especially if this is an area that you have been struggling with.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Pricing objections are not always real. We WILL find the money for the things that are the most valuable to us. The things that are the most important and the things that we prioritize.
  • Your customer or your potential customer is thinking, “Is it worth it?”, “Can I do it?”, “Do I want to move forward?”, “Is this the right time?”. All of these thoughts and doubts are creeping up and it’s being manifested in these words of “I can’t afford it.”.
  • It’s a matter of figuring out how you can be resourceful, how can they be resourceful and coming to a place where the investment makes sense for both of you.
  • When you come from that place of knowing what you deliver is top notch quality such that it is way more valuable than what you’re asking people to invest with you, that is pretty magnetic.


  • Their desire for your offer needs to be far greater than any fear, doubts, confusion that they’re holding onto that is allowing them to stay where they currently are. 
  • You have within your control a lot of different levers and mechanisms, strategies to help you overcome pricing objections. 
  • Be confident that the value you’re giving is equal to or more than the price that you are charging and the investment that you’re asking for comes from that place of service. 


  • Why pricing objections are not always real [01:50]
  • What you are selling is an opportunity [04:17]
  • What to do when pricing objections come up and how to identify if it is really about the money or something else [05:11]
  • How to validate their concerns [07:44]
  • How to walk them through the resistance and find out if your offer is a fit for them [11:58]
  • If you are still stuck, this may be the ONE last thing that may be triggering pricing objections [14:13]

Bonus Resource:

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