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I wanted to share more about my story and how I want to be able to help serve you as you’re going to come along with me on this journey for the content that I have planned and the incredible guests who I am able to bring on this show for you as well. 

I never intended to have a career in sales. In fact, I always ran away from sales jobs for as long as I can possibly remember. I’m not a stranger to sales. I’m not a stranger to business and I’m not a stranger to entrepreneurship. In fact, my parents have been entrepreneurs ever since I was, I think ever since I was born. I don’t remember anything else other than kind of growing up beside them as they ran their brick and mortar store. However, I found myself going from over 600 million in corporate sales to a 6-figure business.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • How I went from being a huge introvert who is also definitely shy of public speaking and doing everything related to crowds to ending up in a sales role.
  • I’ve had a marriage and two kids and the white picket fence. Yes, I even had that and from the outside, everything looked perfect. What was happening on the inside though was very, very different. I was a victim of my own success.
  • My breakdown lead to my breakthrough. This gave me the opportunity to share all of these big corporate strategies with small business owners, entrepreneurs, experts like you, and show you the exact behind-the-curtain steps that I have taken so many people through to create success in sales and allow you to master the sales game.


  • Your breakdown will lead to your breakthrough.
  • Once you know the rules of selling, it really just is one big game and it’s a matter of practicing and implementing and executing. 


  • I never intended to have a career in sales and ran away from sales jobs for as long as I can possibly remember [01:02]
  • I decided to embark on my own and try and do something that would allow me to live a life of freedom [02:44]
  • I wasn’t good at the selling part. So I watched an informal mentor of mine till I was able to create and master a sales process that worked for me [03:34]
  • How my breakdown lead to my breakthrough [04:46]

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5 Steps To Growing Your Abundant Sales Mindset – How to connect authentically with your audience so you can finally sell with more ease and less sleaze. Grab your free copy now.

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