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Aired on July 14, 2020
Episode 49
Why more leads won't solve your sales problem
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Simply increasing leads won't fix sales issues if they're low quality or your sales process is lacking. Focus on targeting the right audience, nurturing leads effectively, and enhancing customer experience to improve sales, rather than just boosting lead numbers.

Why More Leads Won't Solve Your Sales Problem

So you've been working hard to generate more leads for your business, but for some reason, your sales numbers just aren't where you want them to be. It's frustrating, isn't it? You put in all this effort to attract new potential customers, only to find that they're not converting into actual sales. But before you go on a lead generation frenzy, let's take a step back and figure out if there's a deeper issue at play.

The Quality of Leads Matters

Generating more leads may seem like the obvious solution to increasing sales, but the real issue might be the quality of the leads you're attracting.

Target Audience

Are you reaching the right people? It's crucial to make sure that your marketing efforts are targeted towards your ideal customers. If you're attracting leads who are not a good fit for your product or service, it's no wonder they're not converting into sales.

Qualified Leads

Not all leads are created equal. You might have a large number of leads, but if they're not qualified or genuinely interested in what you have to offer, then they're just taking up space in your pipeline.

The Sales Process Matters

Another reason why more leads won't necessarily solve your sales problem is the effectiveness of your sales process.


How are you following up with your leads? If you're not nurturing them through the sales process, you're missing out on potential opportunities. It's essential to have a solid follow-up strategy in place to guide leads towards a purchase decision.

Conversion Rate

Even if you have a steady flow of leads, if your conversion rate is low, it means there's a bottleneck in your sales process. You need to identify where leads are dropping off and optimize those touchpoints for better results.

Customer Experience Matters

Ultimately, it's all about the experience you provide for your potential customers.

Trust and Credibility

Are you building trust and credibility with your leads? If they don't trust your brand or believe in the value you offer, they're unlikely to make a purchase.


How engaged are your leads with your brand? Engaging leads through personalized communication and relevant content can significantly impact their likelihood to convert.


Before you pour more resources into lead generation, take a close look at the quality of your leads, the effectiveness of your sales process, and the experience you provide for potential customers. Addressing these areas may reveal underlying issues that, once fixed, could have a more significant impact on your sales than simply generating more leads. Remember, it's not just about quantity, but the quality and the overall experience that will ultimately drive sales success.

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Biggest Takeaways: 

  • You need to have the right offers to target your right leads and have the right conversations with people, then you will have better conversions.
  • Without processes or systems, you’re just spinning your wheels. You’ll end up spending a heck of a lot of extra time that you simply don’t need to.
  • I was able to build my business quickly with no online experience, list or connections because I focused on doubling down on key relationships, conversations with folks who truly mattered that I wanted to help and going narrow and deep.



  • Why you’re not getting clients to say yes to you and what to do instead [01:50]
  • Why a huge following does not equal consistent income [04:22]
  • How to convert your leads into paying customers [08:24]
  • The simple process you can repeat over and over again on a consistent basis [12:17]


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