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High or low ticket offers?

If you have been debating this dilemma for your business, you’re in for a treat because I’m going to break down the main benefits of both high and low ticket offers. 

When you might be thinking about having the high ticket offer or a low ticket offer and why do you actually need to have both? And we’re going to flip the funnel on this one. 

I’m also going to share with you what I feel you need to do first, especially if you are newer in your business or have a smaller audience. 

Even if you are established in business and you’ve been offline in a traditional brick and mortar business, and now you’re going digital, I’m going to tell you why high ticket offers are the way to go.

In this episode, we’ll discuss the age old debate – how much do I charge?

Biggest Takeaways: 

  • Passive income is a misnomer, meaning that it’s not really that passive. You still have to do work, but relative to the output, the return, it’s a lot less work.
  • When you look at people, a higher touch, more personalized experience, they are more loyal and you build better relationships. It’s one of the reasons why I highly recommend having a high ticket offer within your offerings.
  • If you don’t have a high-ticket offer, implement at least one to generate as much income as you can, to hit your income target, and then start to fill in the gaps with your lower priced offers.



  • Selling low ticket offers [02:30]
  • Why passive income really isn’t that passive [03:46]
  • 3 main considerations you need to figure out if a low ticket business model is one that you need to focus on right now [04:07]
  • What I did to build a six figure business within six months with a wait list [10:55]
  • 3 main considerations for selling high ticket offers [12:14]
  • How I went completely low tech and what I actually focused on to get clients [16:05]
  • Why you don’t need to set up another funnel or create another landing page in order to sell [20:17]
  • How to “flip the funnel” to attract high-end clients so that you can make your income goals faster. [20:55]
  • How my client, Ebony, sells both high ticket and low ticket offers successfully [24:23]


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