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Aired on September 29, 2019
Episode 5
How I Hit 6-Figures in 6 Months
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How I go from zero to six figure in mere six months. Keep in mind that I had no prior online prescence. You can do it too.

How I Hit 6-Figures in 6 Months

In this episode, Susan McVea will talk about her journey of going from zero to a six-figure business in just six months. She will dive deeper into the exact steps she took to get to this milestone, even though she had no online presence previously or social media following. Susan's story is a testament that with the right strategy and dedication, it's possible to achieve success in a short time.

Starting from Zero

Susan didn't have any social media presence before April 2016. She had to figure out how to use platforms like Facebook to build her online business. Despite the challenges, she was able to apply her experience from her corporate career to online business. She used old-fashioned door-to-door, face-to-face, people-to-people conversations – but in a virtual context, using Facebook groups and communities.

Finding Clarity and Purpose

One of the insights Susan shares is the importance of gaining clarity on who you want to help and what you want to help them with. She mentions that this process took her three to four months, emphasizing that clarity is key for the rest of the journey to fall into place. She found out that she wanted to help female entrepreneurs in sales, an area that was underserved and aligned with her skills and values.

Creating Meaningful Content

Susan's strategy was to give high-value content regularly within Facebook groups, engaging in conversations, and being helpful. She focused on helping people rather than trying to sell to them. By consistently delivering valuable content and engaging in meaningful conversations, she was able to build a following in a short period.

Leveraging Personal Connections

To build upon these relationships, Susan invited individuals to custom training sessions within her own Facebook community. These sessions became a platform for delivering even more value and connecting on a personal level. As a result, her calendar filled up with people interested in working with her.

Embracing Simplicity

What's striking about Susan's approach is the simplicity. She didn't rely on elaborate marketing funnels or automation right from the start. Her success was a result of genuine, heart-to-heart conversations and a clear focus on providing value. She emphasizes that keeping things straightforward and genuine can lead to great results.


Susan's journey to six figures in six months is a wonderful example of how a combination of clarity, purpose, genuine connections, and valuable content can lead to business growth. Her story challenges the notion that success in the online business world requires complex and expensive strategies. Instead, it highlights the power of authenticity and personal connections.

As Susan puts it, her success was the result of helping people and not just rying to build a business. Her approach of focusing on adding value and building relationships helped her.

To learn more about the steps Susan took to get to her six-figure milestone, you can access her free resource in the show notes below. It provides a detailed breakdown of her journey, from the first steps to adding in some automated processes, all of which contributed to her success.

To conclude, Susan's journey shows that success in the online business world is within reach, and it often boils down to the authenticity of connection and the value you provide. If you're looking to start or accelerate your online business, Susan's approach offers a refreshing perspective worth exploring.

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Biggest Takeaways:

  • If you are struggling with clarity, you may be overlooking something that’s right there in front of you.
  • Start by creating content talking about the specific pain points around the problem that you solve for your audience.
  • If you spend time, you may find more results, but that’s not always the case and it’s really about creating those connections. Now from there, so you’re engaging these conversations, you’re commenting, you’re helping, you’re answering questions that are in your wheelhouse.
  • My calendar blew up I was giving so much value, not only through the posts that I had already built up credibility and expertise in the other communities, but in asking people what they wanted and asking people how I could help serve them. And then delivering upon that with the trainings that I was creating inside my own Facebook community. As a result, people felt heard and validated, understood. And more importantly, they felt connected to me.
  • It only took me 20 and a half years to get to six-figures because everything that I learned through my career enabled me to take those shortcuts when I finally put it into practice in my business.



  • The better you can get at getting clear on who you help and what you do for them, the easier the rest of it comes along and the more that you can get into flow. [Tweet This] (link to:
  • Take the time to engage in conversations and be helpful. Serve people and help them, then building your business is the byproduct of the way that you are serving. [Tweet This] (link to:
  • You can build a business generating four, five, even six-figures by keeping things extremely simple. [Tweet This] (link to:



  • How I started my business by accident, with ZERO social media presence [01:46]
  • What to do when you are struggling with getting clarity in your business [04:13]
  • Organic marketing strategies I used to grow my business in the beginning [06:54]
  • How I grew my Facebook community and booked out my calendar [08:50]
  • Why I set up virtual coffee dates to connect one-on-one with the people in my community and how to do it in a non-sleazy way [15:27]

Bonus Resource:

6-Figure Blueprint: Finally Say “I’m Fully Booked” – With this mind map, learn the 3 simple proven ways to get calls booked so you can generate clients on demand! Grab your free copy now. (link to:


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