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The very first thing that most of my clients come to me with struggling with is pricing. If you’re a freelancer or a consultant or a coach and you are working off of the trading time for money model, you need to stop, because it’s the fastest road to burn out. 

Too often, what I see is high level experts like you who want to help more people, but you are caught in this whole hamster race of trading hours for dollars and hours for dollars.

In this episode, I’m going to discuss value based selling in order to help you to charge more with your high ticket services and offers.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Value based selling is based on an outcome or a result where the value of the item is very, very high.
  • If something is easy for you as the expert, chances are you’re taking less time to do it. You’ve already honed your craft, you’ve already learnt from the mistakes. What would take your client five hours to do, you can accomplish in an hour. So in fact, with you charging by the hour, you’re actually doing yourself a disservice.
  • Your customers are willing to pay a lot in order to get the solution and to shorten their timeline, especially if it’s something that maybe they have been working on or dealing with their entire life.


  • When you actually are able to sell the value of the transformation, outcome and results regardless of what area of expertise that you have, it’s a game changer. [Tweet This] 
  • When you’re able to articulate the value of the transformation, the results you provide and not focusing on trading time for dollars, it’s much easier for your customers to say yes. [Tweet This] 
  • In value based selling, you are selling based on the transformation based on the outcome and result. As a result, the price tag is indicative of that total transformation. [Tweet This]


  • What exactly is value based selling and how you can charge higher rates for the subject matter you’re an expert in [03:39]
  • Why you are doing yourself a disservice by charging by the hour [05:00]
  • Why clients are willing to pay high ticket prices [07:30]
  • The KEY to value based selling and how to clearly explain the value you provide [09:54]
  • Why charging by the hour will burn you out and how to flip that around [13:32]
  • How to create a value based package [14:58]

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