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Aired on January 16, 2024
Episode 160
How to Get Paid More Today and Generate Consistent Income with the Sales Game
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The worst thing each month for a business is wondering how bills are going to get paid. And the bigger the business gets, the worse this can be. The good news is if you get a handle on this now, no matter where your business is, you’ll see what gaps you have and how to fill them. Creating consistent income doesn’t have to be difficult. But it is important for sustainable business success.


If you’re able to align your business model and take the right
actions at the right time, the right results will happen.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

The best way to plan is to make sure that you have some kind of

Once you’ve achieved a certain level of success in your
business, it is much easier to then continue to grow to seven figures, just
with a few subtle tweaks.

Using the incorrect strategy for the wrong stage will get you in
a lot of trouble.

Stop being a generalist and start being a specialist.

It really is about owning your expertise.

You have a very specific type of skill set that’s uniquely
suited to a certain subset of people. That’s your niche.

The more specialized you can go, the easier it will be for you
to command top dollar prices.


The number one thing that clients often need help with [00:49]

how to get help and support [02:51]

Your number one job: common block #1 [07:19]

Your number two and number three job: common block #2, 3 [11:02]

Continued growth strategies and what’s required [13:49]

1st Strategy to Get Paid More for Your Expertise [23:19]

2nd Strategy to Get Paid More for Your Expertise [[38:20]]

3rd Strategy to Get Paid More for Your Expertise [[40:24]]

Quick review on the top three strategies. [[47:11]]

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