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If you’re trying to sell higher priced premium services, products and programs, and you have heard not to give stuff away for free. On the flip side you’re wondering, gosh, I gave away so much stuff for free, why would somebody want to pay me?!

This episode is going to blow your mind a little bit about why I believe that free is NOT the problem and how you can actually leverage those free offers, consults or sessions that you’re giving away so that it actually help you boost your sales in a very smart and simple way.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • While 99% of the stuff that you give away free can be your best stuff, the structure, organization and implementation of it can’t be done for free.
  • You need to make sure that your free offer directly complements your paid offer. This means that your paid offer is the logical next step up from your free offer.
  • When there is direct alignment and a direct connection in your offers, you are going to see an instant boost in your sales. You are going to see more leads coming through the door, more people reaching out to you and booking appointments on your calendar or starting to buy the next service. And if they’re not, it means that there’s a gap. Check out Episode 18: The 3 Things That Stop You From Closing High-Ticket Sales to learn more about the 3 things you need to have in place to close high-ticket sales.


  • Is your free offer irresistible? Does it immediately speak to your ideal customer’s needs and help them where they are at? And is the next step something you can help them with your paid offer? [Tweet This]
  • If you have a purpose to serve and the heart, it really doesn’t matter how much you give them. At the end, people will still find a way to repay you, monetarily or otherwise. #lawofreciprocity [Tweet This]
  • When you give away stuff for free, make sure it actually does what you need it to do as a business owner. It’s not just a matter of giving, giving and giving. [Tweet This]


  • How to differentiate from free offers and paid offers [05:08]
  • How to create your free offers where you are not giving away the farm, yet delivering great value [08:32]
  • What you can do to ensure your paid offer is the next logical step up from your free offer [12:25]

Bonus Resource:

Episode 18: The 3 Things That Stop You From Closing High-Ticket Sales – Dive deep into the 3 biggest reasons why your high-ticket sales aren’t going to happen. In this episode, I’ll teach you how to build your authority and credibility, how to tweak your offer so that it fits your customer perfectly and what to do when your potential clients are unsure of themselves and how to address it so they can confidently sign up with you.

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