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Aired on December 31, 2019
Episode 20
How To Overcome The Biggest Objections When Selling
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Ways to overcome the biggest objections when you are selling. Build trust and guarantee satisfication to the customers. Highlight the long term benefits and give flexible payment options.

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Biggest Takeaways:

  • Preparation is very much a critical piece of your overall success. However, there’s such a thing as being prepared and then waiting for an objection to happen. I don’t want you to do that because if you are expecting an objection, guess what’s going to happen You’re going to lead the questions in such a way and it is automatically going to create an objection.
  • Objections are normal!
  • Make sure that you actually take the time to listen and that you don’t ask more and more questions without leaving space for them. Respond accordingly because more than likely the information that’s being shared is something that you didn’t even know you didn’t even uncover earlier on in the conversation because you didn’t ask the right questions.


  • The no actually becomes no because you have made it so. You have ultimate control and power over whether or not the conversation is going to continue. [Tweet This]
  • Sales is leadership. Be a leader. Allow them to understand the choices that they’re making and empowering them with. Ultimately the choice is theirs. #salesconversations #salesstrategy [Tweet This]
  • Overcoming sales objections is about understanding what’s in their mind, what’s actually going on. And how you can help and make sure they understand that there may be different options out there. [Tweet This]


  • How to be prepared for objections [01:22]
  • Why objections are perfectly normal [03:02]
  • The magic phrase that is going to get your potential clients to actually give you the real reasons why they are saying no right now, so you can continue the conversation, instead of ending it for good. [04:34]
  • Why their “No” may not even be a real “No” and how to pick up the conversation again [08:16]
  • What happened when a potential client who said No to me and ended up referring someone else who said Yes! [12:27]

Bonus Resource:

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