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Aired on April 21, 2020
Episode 37
Interview with Ebony Williams: Making More Sales As A Thyroid Health Coach Even Now During Times Of Crisis
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Ebony Williams, a successful thyroid health coach, suggests using online tools, offering helpful content, and building strong client relationships with empathy. Highlight success stories and create attractive deals to thrive during challenging times.

Interview with Ebony Williams: Making More Sales As A Thyroid Health Coach Even Now During Times Of Crisis

The global crisis has impacted many businesses, including health and wellness coaching. But it's still possible to make more sales as a thyroid health coach during these times. We spoke with Ebony Williams, a successful thyroid health coach, about her strategies for thriving in her business amidst the crisis.

Adapting to the Current Situation

Embracing Virtual Platforms

Ebony has adapted to the new normal by using virtual platforms. She uses video calls, webinars, and social media to connect with clients. This approach helps her reach clients worldwide.

Providing Valuable Content

Ebony focuses on creating relevant content for her audience. She uses blog posts, social media, and webinars to address thyroid health issues. This strategy helps her attract more potential clients.

Cultivating Relationships with Clients

Active Listening and Empathy

Ebony emphasizes listening and empathy in her coaching. Understanding clients' challenges is vital, especially now. This approach helps her build stronger relationships with clients.

Customized Support and Guidance

Ebony provides personalized support to each client. This tailored approach increases client satisfaction and retention. It also attracts new clients seeking individualized thyroid health solutions.

Implementing Effective Sales Strategies

Highlighting Success Stories

Ebony uses success stories to demonstrate her coaching's effectiveness. Sharing these stories builds confidence in potential clients. This method attracts new clients and increases sales.

Creating Irresistible Offers

Ebony creates compelling offers to attract new clients during the crisis. She offers discounted packages and additional resources. These offers help drive more sales for her business.


Ebony Williams has shown that it's possible to thrive as a thyroid health coach during a crisis. By using virtual platforms, providing valuable content, building client relationships, and implementing effective sales strategies, health coaches can continue to grow their businesses. Ebony's success demonstrates that health coaches can still make a positive impact, despite external challenges.

Ebony Williams is a successful thyroid health coach who has helped many achieve better well-being. For more information, [insert contact information].

If you're a thyroid health coach or seeking thyroid health guidance, consider using Ebony's strategies. They can make a significant difference in your business or health journey.

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Biggest Takeaways:

  • There are a lot of folks who are watching and doing everything behind the scenes to really pay attention to you. They’re not the ones who comment or respond back to you. They’re not always the ones that are liking your content or showing up or the most vocal. Are you consistent? Are you actually in integrity with what you do and you say and you are? That’s really important for all of us to remember now as we do the work that we do and as we’re selling.
  • My audience is the most valuable asset that I have. I asked some questions like, “Hey, what do you think about this? Is there something that you’re struggling with?” And they tell me. If I’m going to create something, I ask them first. There has been a lot of market research to see what they want and need. That’s how I’ve developed all of my products and services.
  • One of the things that I needed to let go of was realizing that it wasn’t about me. The more I put time and energy and thinking about that one person that I would serve, the easier it became, the more fun I started to have. When you turn your focus outward instead of inwards, things just shift and they just start to “happen” for you.


  • Why Ebony took the leap to start her own business even when she still has her 9-5 job [01:51]
    How she got serious about her business in a whole new, different way after realizing that her business was turning into an expensive hobby [07:07]
    Why she made the decision to live happy, healthy, joy-filled life for herself when everything was falling apart [24:31]
    What happened when Ebony made the decision to learn how to sell [28:29]
    How to set boundaries and recognize that your time is valuable [39:13]
    How Ebony has sold and made money on every single thing that she has put out [45:10]

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