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Aired on April 14, 2020
Episode 36
Interview with Ross Johnson. From Broke To Seven Figures In Four Years
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Ross Johnson transformed from broke to seven figures in four years by starting his own business, emphasizing the importance of persistence, resilience, and continuous learning. His journey underscores that overcoming failure and investing in knowledge are vital steps towards a more prosperous future.

Interview with Ross Johnson: From Broke To Seven Figures In Four Years

Ever felt stuck in a job that's going nowhere, overwhelmed by debt, dreaming of something better? You're not alone. Many have been in your shoes, like Ross Johnson. I got to sit down with Ross and discuss his amazing journey. He went from broke to earning seven figures in just four years. His story is truly inspiring, and I'm excited to share it with you.

The Lowest Point: Struggling and Broke

Ross Johnson's path to success was tough. A few years back, he was deep in debt and stuck in a dead-end job. He was struggling to get by, with his financial situation looking bleak. Ross knew he needed a change but didn't know where to start.

Overcoming Financial Struggles

Ross recalls, "I hit rock bottom and knew I needed a change. I began reading books, attending seminars, and learning about finance and entrepreneurship. I was determined to improve my situation and build a better future."

Building a Seven-Figure Business

Ross's hard work and dedication slowly paid off. He bravely started his own business from the ground up. This decision was a game-changer. In just four years, he went from financial struggles to earning seven figures, transforming his life.

The Power of Entrepreneurship

"Starting my business was the best decision," Ross admits. "It was tough, with many challenges. But the freedom and satisfaction I gained were incredible. I created a life on my own terms."

Key Lessons Learned

Ross learned crucial lessons on his journey. He believes these lessons are vital for anyone wanting to improve their finances and succeed in business.

Embracing Failure

"Failure is part of the journey and key to success," Ross shares. "I made many mistakes and faced setbacks. Each one taught me something important. Don't fear failure – it's a stepping stone to success."

Persistence and Resilience

"Success takes time and effort," Ross emphasizes. "There were times I wanted to quit, but I kept going. Stay persistent and resilient, and success will come."

Investing in Knowledge

"Keep learning and growing," advises Ross. "I read a lot, went to seminars, and sought mentors. The more I learned, the better I could handle challenges and make smart decisions."

Conclusion: Your Journey To Success

Ross Johnson's journey shows anyone can change their life, no matter where they start. If you're feeling stuck or struggling financially, remember change is possible. You can create the life you want, just like Ross.

As Ross says, "Believe in yourself, take smart risks, and keep learning. Your big break might be just ahead."

Ready to change your story? Let Ross Johnson's journey inspire you. Start taking steps towards a better, more successful future.

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Biggest Takeaways:

  • If you don’t make the sale, improve the offer over and over again and see if you can make the sale. And then when people make the sale, ask them why they bought, why did they buy from you and not someone else
  • People would buy right in the DM on a $5,000 product. This goes to show that the better your branding and marketing is, the less push you have to be with sales.
  • If you don’t ask, you’re being selfish if you don’t make the offer because you can change somebody’s life and it’s up to you.


  • You just got to think about who you want to be and be open to change.
  • You can’t be attached to the outcome. You can intend on making the sale, but you have to have no attachment to the outcome. Once you have an attachment to the outcome, people can feel it and it’s going to make it challenging for you to make sales.
  • If your branding and marketing is super on point, the sales calls can be really easy.


  • How Ross tried to give away a service for free, had calls with 60 people, yet none of them took up the offer [09:00]
  • How do you pivot in your business and navigate that transition [12:07]
  • How to reposition and rebrand yourself, especially when you are representing yourself as a personal brand in your business [16:31]
  • How to stop taking rejection and everything else in your business so personally and go easy on yourself [19:20]
  • What to do when you’re struggling with pricing and you’re hearing more Nos than Yes’es on your sales conversations [21:30]
  • How your marketing and branding directly influence your sales results [26:33]
  • Business is a marathon, not a sprint. Why you need to focus on the long-term [34:57]
  • How to not sound desperate when things aren’t working [37:01]
  • How you can build authority, build relationships and tap on other communities without coming off as a sleaze [40:00]
  • How Ross used a script and practiced it and became really good at handling objections [42:16]

This is such a goood episode. Ross shared some key points with us today, including how using  a script helped him master the sales game and get him consistently closing more deals and helping more clients. 

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