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After helping other sales professionals sell over 600 million through my sales career, I’ve learnt that it’s very different selling products and services for somebody else on behalf of another person or another company, another brand versus having to sell yourself. If you are somebody who is struggling to sell in your business, perhaps it’s because you’re serving, serving, serving and you don’t know how to transition that into selling. Serving is selling. On this episode, I’ll teach you how to articulate and understand when to shift that dynamic from giving something for free into giving your audience an opportunity to work with you and, most importantly, pay you.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Selling requires money. The transformation is in the transaction. And without a transaction there really isn’t a transformation.
  • When you have paid for something, it means that you have put your money where your mouth is. The money you spent have been put towards something that is meaningful to you. And when something is meaningful, you are much more likely to pay attention to it.
  • If you are currently serving somebody and you are not giving them an opportunity to work with you, you are being completely selfish.
  • Allow people to have the full ability to choose whether or not they want to partake of the full depth of your gift.
  • In order to sell with ease, you need to have very clear boundaries. You need to have very clear ideas of where you are willing to do things and where you aren’t.


  • There is one constant and that one constant is that serving others is always the golden ticket. [Tweet This] (link to:
  • Selling requires money and the transformation is in the transaction. [Tweet This] (link to:
  • Serving is selling. By selling you are ultimately creating better results, not only for yourself, but also your customers.  [Tweet This] (link to:


  • The one constant in sales is that serving others is always the GOLDEN TICKET [01:25]
  • Why it feels awkward to transition from giving something for free into giving your audience an opportunity to pay you, and what to do about it [02:26]
  • Changing your mindset around money conversations and why we become more committed when we have invested our money into the game [03:15]
  • Why you are doing a disservice to your audience when you keep giving your stuff away for free without selling [05:16]
  • How to set clear boundaries so you can sell with ease [06:03]
  • An exercise to get clear on what you would be willing to do for free and what do you want to do that requires you to get paid for [06:44]
  • How to seamlessly transition from serving into selling without feeling awkward [08:49]
  • How to come up with a price point that feels good to you [09:46]
  • Transaction = commitment [12:00]


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5 Steps To Growing Your Abundant Sales Mindset – How to connect authentically with your audience so you can finally sell with more ease and less sleaze. Grab your free copy now. (link to:

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