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Aired on December 17, 2019
Episode 18
The 3 Things That Stop You From Closing High-Ticket Sales
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3 things that are stopping you from a big sales. First, you are not feeling confident. You are not seeing their problems and not nurturing relationships well.

3 Things Stopping You From Making Big Sales

Hello, sales pros! Having trouble with those big, important sales? It’s really annoying when you work hard but can’t seal the deal. Don’t worry, though. I’m here to talk about three things that might be getting in your way when you’re trying to make those big sales. Let’s figure out what’s stopping you.

1. Not Feeling Confident Enough

Feeling Like a Fake

Do you sometimes feel like you’re not as good as the people you’re trying to sell to? That little voice telling you you’re not good enough? That’s you doubting yourself. Remember, you’re a pro with lots of skills and knowledge. Be proud of what you’ve done and stop doubting yourself.

Scared of Being Turned Down

Being scared of getting a “no” can really hold you back, especially with big sales. But remember, being turned down is just part of selling. It’s not about you personally. Instead of being scared of “no,” think of it as a chance to learn. Each “no” gets you closer to a “yes.”

2. Not Showing the Value Right

Not Seeing Their Problems

To sell something, you need to know what problems your customer has. If you don’t show how your product or service can fix their specific problems, you’re missing out. Really listen to your customers and make sure your product fits their needs.

Not Standing Out

In a world with lots of competition, you need to be different. If your sales pitch doesn’t show why you’re better than others, it’s hard to make big sales. Show what makes you special and why your product is the best choice. It’s not just about what you’re selling, but why you’re the best person to buy from.

3. Not Building Relationships Well

Hurrying Too Much

Good relationships take time to build. If you try to rush and close the deal too fast, it won’t work. Spend time getting to know your customers. Show that you really care about their business and want to help them succeed.

Forgetting to Follow Up

Just talking once usually isn’t enough, especially for big sales. If you don’t keep in touch after your first talk, you might miss out on a sale. Keep talking to your customers after you first meet them. Being persistent and following up shows you’re serious and helps build trust.

In Conclusion

Making big sales is tough, but if you work on these three things, you can get better at it. Believe in yourself, show how valuable your product is, and take time to build strong relationships. Keep trying, be understanding, and be ready to change your approach, and you’ll start making those big sales. You can do it!

So, those are the three big things that might be stopping you from making those big sales. Start using these tips now, and you’ll see how your sales skills grow. Good luck, and here’s to your success!

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Biggest Takeaways:

  • If you’re talking to customers that you really, really do want to work with and yet they still keep saying no, there’s still that’s keeping them on the fence or you’re getting frustrated.
  • Identify if there’s something about your offer that has been poorly explained that needs more communication, more explanation or clarification in order to make sure that it really does meet the needs of your ideal customer.
  • The more you can empathize with your potential customers, the more you can set their minds at ease. You can use past customer successes and testimonials, as well as examples from your own life and from the people around you, to let them know that they are not alone.


  • It’s all about you and your authority. Building your credibility, your social proof in terms of your background, your experience, your expertise and how you show up as an expert. [Tweet This]
  • You need to ensure your clients have the faith and courage within them to grab your hand and say, yes, I’m ready for this right now. Identify what’s getting in the way for them and address it. [Tweet This]
  • There’s a way for you to be able to succeed and win in your business regardless of your personality type, your gender or background and what you’ve been taught before. [Tweet This]


  • How to build your authority and credibility [03:50]
  • How to tweak your offer so that it fits your customer perfectly [06:56]
  • What to do when your potential clients are unsure of themselves and how to address it so they can confidently sign up with you [10:53]

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