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If you’re reading this, it’s most likely you’re using social media in your business right now, which I think is like 99% of the world’s population, right? 


In this episode, I’m sharing the five biggest mistakes that I notice most people are making when they’re selling on social media.


If you want to attract your customers, nurture them so they become qualified leads and invite them to work with you, you’ll want to listen to this episode so you can avoid or fix these mistakes.


Biggest Takeaways: 

  • Social media is a free way to be able to connect with and nurture your audience, and to be able to convert your audience into paying customers and get sales.
  • When you confuse, you lose. When you confuse people, people don’t buy. They just move on to the next thing.
  • Being social on social media helps you to sell more. It does not need to take hours upon hours a day. You simply need an understanding what it is that the social media platform wants and how humans behave on each of these platforms. 



  • Why you shouldn’t treat all platforms the same [02:56]
  • When being incongruent with your content will confuse your audience [07:52]
  • How do you balance selling VS giving value [13:09]
  • When you’re constantly doing a new thing every single time, it’s gonna be really tough to make it work [17:15]
  • Why as an introvert, I go through a love/hate relationship with social media. How to spend some very specific targeted time on social media so you’re on it 24/7 [21:40]


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