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Today we’re talking all about the deal breaker in all sales, all kinds, all types, especially as it relates to high ticket expert based sales. If you’re selling workshops, retreats, program services done for you, types of work, consulting, all of these are what we call high ticket. It’s a higher price point, a bigger price tag attached. 

This is not about sleazy tactics being pushy or trying to convince people to buy. This is about the golden rule and we’re talking all about that on today’s episode. It’s going to be a juicy one. In this episode, I dive in a little bit deeper about what it takes in order to be able to move forward in the sales process without all of those sleazy tactics and how to prevent your sales from falling apart.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Trust is the critical piece that is the deal breaker in all sales, especially for high ticket sales.
  • It is important that you never lose sight of the fact that people have put their faith and trust, hopes and dreams in you, your services and products. You need to honor that relationship.
  • Trust is reciprocal. If you don’t trust your customer and they don’t trust you, then both of you aren’t able to move forward in a working relationship.


  • When you only look out for you, you have a very short lived business. When you only look out for your clients, you have a nonprofit or worse a hobby because you’re always giving to your clients and never looking out for yourself. It needs to work both ways. [Tweet This]


  • The critical piece that is the deal breaker in your sales [03:21]
  • How I actually got one of the biggest sales of my entire career simply by being trustworthy [04:56]
  • Why you should continue to build the relationship when your potential client says no [09:48]
  • How to build trust when you’re first starting out [13:19]

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