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Aired on May 26, 2020
Episode 42
The Key To Closing Deals Faster
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To close deals faster, focus on understanding prospects' needs through active listening, building trust with authenticity, streamlining the sales process, and effectively addressing objections. Clear communication and providing social proof are key to efficient deal closure.

The Key To Closing Deals Faster

Tired of slow deal closures? Frustrated with endless back and forth? Closing deals faster is achievable with the right tactics. This post will explore strategies to speed up your sales process and secure a "yes" quickly.

Understanding Your Prospect's Needs

Closing deals quickly starts with understanding your prospect's needs. It's more than selling your product; it's about identifying their challenges. Tailor your pitch to address these pain points directly.

Active Listening

Active listening is vital in sales. Focus on what your prospect says, not your next response. Ask questions and listen to the answers. This builds understanding, rapport, and trust.

Building Trust and Rapport

Trust is essential in sales. Without trust, prospects are unlikely to commit. Prioritize building trust and rapport in your sales approach.


Be genuine with prospects. Authenticity builds trust. People can tell when you're insincere, so always be authentic.

Establishing Authority

Show your expertise in your field. Share insights and demonstrate knowledge. When you're seen as an authority, prospects are more likely to trust and agree to a deal.

Streamlining the Sales Process

A complex sales process can slow down deal closures. Streamlining this process can encourage quicker decisions.

Clear and Concise Communication

Communicate clearly and concisely. Avoid overwhelming prospects with too much information. Focus on what matters most to them.

Remove Friction

Identify and eliminate friction points in your sales process. This could mean simplifying paperwork or clarifying pricing. Make the process as smooth as possible.

Overcoming Objections

Objections are common, but handling them effectively is key to closing deals faster.

Anticipate and Address

Predict potential objections and address them upfront. Resolving these issues early keeps the process moving smoothly.

Provide Social Proof

Use testimonials or case studies as social proof. Seeing others' positive experiences can help prospects overcome their objections.


Closing deals faster is a realistic goal. Understand your prospects, build trust, streamline your process, and effectively handle objections. Remember, it's about solving your prospects' problems, not just making a sale. Master these strategies to become more efficient in closing deals.

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Biggest Takeaways:

  • People are becoming more discerning, whether they are consumers or businesses.
  • The more prep that you put in, the faster you will close the deal because nobody wants to repeat themselves. Once, I got lazy and did not do my due diligence. I spent a lot of time with this client on the call asking questions because I couldn’t make heads or tails of what she needed. We didn’t end up working together.
  • If there’s that urgency and scarcity around it and it’s so severe that somebody needs that help now, it will help shorten the sales cycle for that offer.


  • The first thing you need to do is to map out your customer journey [02:22]
  • Understand how long does it take for your deals to close [05:02]
  • The preparation that is required to close the deal faster [07:24]
  • Why focusing on your customers pain points help to close the deal faster, and why it’s not about making people feel bad [10:56]
  • Fortune is always in the follow-up. Cliché but it works all the time. [13:32]

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