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If you’ve been asking yourself, where do I find more of my wonderful, magical unicorn like clients? It’s the wrong question that you’ve been asking. You need to be asking two other more critical questions first before we can even get to that next question, which is still important, but you’re asking in the wrong order.

In this episode, we’re diving deep into the single most important question that you are simply not asking about your potential customers time and time again. Let’s start asking the right questions so you’ll know exactly where to find them, what to offer them and why they’d want to work with you. And that makes it a lot easier!

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to get consistent leads simply because they are not clear on who are their ideal client and what is the problem that they solve.
  • You need the clarity of being able to understand WHO are your ideal clients, because if you don’t, it doesn’t matter where you look for them, you simply aren’t going to find them.
  • Get laser focused on who you want to help with such specificity that you could point them out across a crowded room and know exactly that that is your person. Then you’ll know exactly where to go.


  • Where is it that your ideal client is most likely to be looking for you but also be spending their time at? That is the critical piece. When you have nailed this, it makes it a lot easier. [Tweet This]


  • Why your ideal clients may possibly already be right in front of you [02:23]
  • How to figure out who you’d love to work with [04:22]
  • How to determine where to find your ideal clients after you have gotten clear on who they are [05:58]
  • How we go around in our life not seeing what’s in front of us simply because we’re not ready for it or we’re looking in the wrong places [10:03]
  • The magic that happens when we get clear on what we want [13:42]

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