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If you are here today, it is because you are the top 1% or you see yourself as the top 1% regardless of what is going on for you currently. You are here because you want to hear the top secrets of what the best sellers do consistently. 

This episode is going to blow your mind and maybe even surprise you about what it actually takes in order to be really, really good at selling. I’ll dive in to the three main things that I have found in over 20 years in selling, managing and meeting high performing sales people. And then now working with superstar clients who have to sell in their business or have sales team members selling in their business.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • You are the face of your brand and your business. How you demonstrate the first point of contact with your potential customers is how they think about you through everything.
  • You are trying to overcomplicate what you’re doing today in your sales process and your sales strategies, when it is actually really simple!
  • Prepare and practice, listen, and have integrity.



  • It is doing the 1% consistently all the time, focusing on ONLY the key critical things that actually make the difference, move the needle and make an impact. [Tweet This] 
  • All great sellers, the best of the best. This is what they do consistently. They spend 80% of their time getting ready for the deals. [Tweet This]
  • The best salespeople ask the best questions, which then allows them to spend most of their time in conversations listening. [Tweet This]


  • Why it is about doing the 1% consistently all the time [02:30]
  • Simplifying the sales process. It’s really not complicated at all! [03:46]
  • The very first thing that every single fabulous salesperson does. [05:25]
  • Why the best salespeople don’t do most of the talking and what they actually do instead. [08:40]
  • Evaluate how often in your conversations where you are speaking and actively listening to your potential customers. [11:39]
  • Learning to say no and turning down potential customers who are not a right fit. [12:52]
  • How to focus on the long-term game to become a great salesperson [14:18]

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