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Aired on March 3, 2020
Episode 29
What's The Value Of Your Offer? (How To Price With Confidence)
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How to price your products with confidence? Know your worth and add tax. Use cost-based and value based pricing.

What’s The Value Of Your Offer? (How To Price With Confidence)

Hi there, fellow entrepreneur! Are you struggling with pricing your products or services? You’re not alone. Figuring out the right price for what you offer can be a challenging task. However, with the right mindset and approach, you can price your offerings with confidence and clarity. In this blog post, I’ll share some valuable insights on how to determine the true value of your offer and price it accordingly.

Understanding Your Value

Know Your Worth

Before you can confidently price your offer, you need to understand the value it provides.
– What problem does it solve for your customers?
– How does it make their lives better?
Take some time to reflect on the impact of your offering and the transformation it brings. Knowing your worth is the first step to pricing with confidence.

Identify Unique Selling Proposition

What makes your offer stand out in the market? Whether it’s exceptional quality, outstanding customer service, or innovative features, your unique selling proposition (USP) plays a significant role in determining the value of your offer. Highlighting your USP can justify a premium price and set you apart from competitors.

Setting the Right Price

Cost-Based Pricing

Calculating the cost of producing your offer is a fundamental aspect of pricing. Consider all expenses, including materials, labor, and overhead costs. Once you have a clear understanding of your production costs, you can add a suitable profit margin to determine the selling price. However, it’s key to not solely rely on cost-based pricing, as it may undervalue the true worth of your offer.

Value-Based Pricing

Instead of focusing solely on production costs, consider the value your offer delivers to customers. How much are they willing to pay for the benefits and solutions it provides? By aligning the price with the perceived value, you can capture the true worth of your offer. This approach allows for a more flexible pricing strategy that reflects the impact on the customer’s life or business.

Overcoming Pricing Challenges

Fear of Overpricing

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the fear of overpricing their offer and turning away potential customers. However, it’s crucial to recognize the value you provide and the investment you’ve made in creating a high-quality solution. Remember, customers who understand and appreciate the value will be willing to pay a premium price for a premium offering.

Handling Price Objections

Price objections are common in business, but they shouldn’t undermine your confidence in your pricing strategy. Instead of immediately lowering your prices in response to objections, focus on communicating the value and benefits of your offer. By confidently addressing concerns and emphasizing the return on investment, you can justify your pricing and build trust with customers.

Confidently Communicating Value

Compelling Product Descriptions

When presenting your offer to potential customers, compelling product descriptions can effectively convey its value. Clearly articulate how your offering addresses their needs, solves their problems, or enhances their experiences. Use persuasive language that resonates with your target audience and clearly demonstrates the benefits they will gain.

Transparent Pricing

Transparency is key to building trust with customers. Clearly communicate the factors that contribute to the pricing of your offer, whether it’s the high-quality materials used, the extensive research behind the product, or the exceptional expertise involved. When customers understand the rationale behind the pricing, they are more likely to perceive it as fair and justifiable.


Pricing your offer with confidence is a combination of understanding its value, setting the right price, and effectively communicating that value to your customers. By recognizing your worth, leveraging a value-based pricing approach, and confidently addressing pricing challenges, you can establish a pricing strategy that reflects the true value of your offer. Remember, the value you provide deserves to be recognized and rewarded. You’ve worked hard to create something special, and pricing it with confidence is a reflection of that. Go forth, set your prices boldly, and watch your business thrive!

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When I first started selling my own services in the online space, it left me with a giant question mark. I wondered, how do you pick your value? How do you pick a price? All of these thoughts suddenly came up. I never had experienced any of these before, even when I was successfully selling through my entire corporate career. 

If you are struggling to figure out the value of what you offer and how to communicate it to your audience, or maybe you are thinking about changing your prices and this whole idea makes you want to feel like you just want to curl up in a ball because you have no more left to give, you need to listen to this podcast episode.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Value is relative and value is subjective. There is a way where you are able to actually articulate your value, own it and understand it enough so that you can relate it to the price of your offer.
  • Value is relative.Who is your value related to? Somebody is going to find you invaluable, meaning you are worth more than anything else that they could possibly find in the universe. They are seeking you. They are looking for you.
  • When you don’t understand your own value, it’s because you’re downplaying the results that you provide and have seen.


  • When you understand who it is you’re supposed to be talking to, what you need to say and more importantly what they need to say to you for you to be able to keep going in that conversation, then you never have to worry about not having a business. [Tweet This]
  • Your value is based on your ability to show your clients how to get the results. [Tweet This]


  • Why your superpower and your value are directly related [03:00]
  • The reason why you don’t have clarity around your value is because of fear and how to stop worrying [07:05]
  • How to get clear the outcome that you deliver to your clients [09:46]
  • What to do when your clients are not getting results and why this may be happening [15:23]
  • Why you seem to be struggling with your pricing and how to recognize your value [18:40]

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