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Aired on June 30, 2020
Episode 47
Why Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Matters Even More So In Your Business Right Now
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Diversity, equity, and inclusion are vital for modern business success, driving innovation, employee well-being, and stronger teams. Embracing DEI leads to better decision-making and positions businesses for long-term success in a diverse market.

Why Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Matters Even More So In Your Business Right Now

In the dynamic business world, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are more than buzzwords. They're crucial for success. As our world grows more interconnected, businesses embracing DEI are not only innovative and adaptable but also competitive in talent acquisition. Here's why DEI is increasingly important in your business.

Embracing Diversity Drives Innovation

Workplace diversity brings unique backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas. This diversity sparks creativity and innovation, leading to novel solutions to business challenges. When diverse viewpoints are encouraged, creativity flourishes, propelling the business forward.

Equity Fosters Employee Well-being

Equity ensures fair treatment and equal growth opportunities for all employees. It creates a level playing field, fostering belonging and psychological safety. Valued and supported employees are more engaged, productive, and motivated, contributing positively to the business.

Inclusion Cultivates Stronger Teams

Inclusion means actively involving and empowering every individual. When employees feel included and respected, they collaborate effectively, communicate openly, and support each other. This leads to cohesive teams that can overcome challenges and achieve goals together.

Addressing Bias Leads to Better Decision-Making

Unconscious bias affects all business aspects, from hiring to daily interactions. Addressing bias leads to objective, merit-based decisions, creating a fairer work environment. This improves employee morale and decision-making quality.

Conclusion: Prioritize DEI for Future Success

In today's ever-changing societal and cultural landscape, embracing DEI is a strategic business decision. DEI-focused businesses navigate change better, attract top talent, and connect with diverse customers. An inclusive culture unlocks individual potential and ensures market relevance.

In summary, prioritizing DEI is not just ethical but also key to innovation, employee well-being, team strength, and sound decision-making. Championing DEI positions your business for long-term success and creates a broader positive impact.

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Allyship. What does that actually mean for you and me? Especially as we navigate uncertain waters, uncharted territory, as things in the world look very different than they did just a short while ago. 

This is a year for changes. It’s a decade for change. I know that there was a rallying cry at the end of 2019, that 2020 was going to be different. And boy has it ever been different.

This is just the beginning. It’s important to understand the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion. And for those of you who are not of color, understanding your ability to be an ally to people of color is extremely important for you to know that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and this is not going to be done overnight.

This episode is going to be both teaching and sharing, and I want your input. Regardless of where you’re listening right now, come over to my podcast page and share with me openly, honestly, your thoughts. We are diving deep into the topic of what it means to have diversity and to be inclusive and equitable and what does this mean for our and your business.


Biggest Takeaways: 

  • Allyship is a lifelong process of building relationships based on trust, consistency and accountability with marginalized individuals or groups of people. Like sales is based on building relationships. It’s based on trust, consistency and accountability.
  • Take a look at your core values. Does it accurately reflect what you want to put out in the world? Do you need to have something that allows you more flexibility around being more inclusive in your language, more diversity and focused in your hiring practices or the way that you have people on your team represented?
  • This is shifting the way that we all do business, regardless of what your fundamental belief might be. For diversity equity and inclusion, it means that we’re going to be able to see change. And more importantly, that we’re going to be part of the change. 



  • The first step into the journey of allyship [07:19]
  • A story my friend shared with me about being pulled over by the police. How she was able to lead with compassion and be direct, but at the same time, be respectful and allow this police officer to see her point of view. [09:45]
  • Why you may be indirectly discriminating against the people that you desperately want to serve. [12:15]
  • When it’s no longer okay to simply have good intentions. It is much more important now that you have the ability to understand the impact of your intentions, words, and the choices that you’re making. [15:00]
  • The first step into opening up the conversation [16:41]
  • How to continually improve as it is a marathon, not a sprint [18:31]
  • Why you need internal policies and how to communicate them to your team [21:27]
  • Putting your money where your mouth is – When you do things in a way that makes your customers feel like you’re congruent to them, it no longer feels like selling. It feels like an intimate relationship and somebody who really understands them. [24:15]


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