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My good friend and client, Ebony Williams, inspired this episode. She asked, “How the heck do we sell with integrity? Can you talk a little bit more about this? I want to know how we can navigate and understand exactly how to sell with integrity, how to lead with integrity and how to make sure that we are doing right by our clients and our potential clients so that we are not leading them astray.”

And I thought, fabulous. This is a great topic. Especially right now when a lot of folks are worried that they may be seen as opportunistic when they sell. How do you still navigate the conversation and do it in a way that does not make you (and the other person) feel uncomfortable or like you’re taking advantage of people.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Money means opportunities and money means choices. But money is not the Holy Grail of why we do everything in our business. 
  • If you are simply making decisions because you need the money, you will always need the money.
  • The difference between being opportunistic and opportunity is inclusion and leadership. It’s being able to say, I want you to be part of the win, not just about me as the business owner and me making money.


  • Why people will feel it If everything you do is focused solely on making monetary gains [02:28]
  • How to stop the hamster wheel of always needing the money (Hint: boundaries) [04:47]
  • Understanding what you do NOT want to do may be even more important than what you want to do [07:05]
  • How do you sell in integrity and take advantage of opportunities without being opportunistic [08:26]

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