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Introverts can sell just as well, if not better than extroverts. After having worked with hundreds if not thousands and thousands of sales professionals back in corporate, what I know to be true is that regardless of your background, experience, age, ethnicity, gender, it really doesn’t matter. Introverts have just as much capacity to be able to sell extremely well as extroverts do, if not better. 

Too often what we think of is that extroverts, the ones who have the big personality, who just seem to have that charismatic nature that draws people to them.

Introverts can do extremely well in a sales career, in selling in their business and making those sales, especially premium programs or services, is because of their ability to be able to connect in a very unique way.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Contrary to popular belief, introverts have just as much capacity to be able to sell extremely well as extroverts do.
  • You hanging in the background during a networking event, observing, listening and figuring who’s going to be the best person for you to connect with, is the exact same strategy that you can apply to selling in your business.
  • You can structure your business model and set up in a way that allows you to actually shine in your personality as an introvert.
  • In selling, your job is to lead the conversation using high quality questions and responding appropriately. This takes a lot of active listening and this is a skill that introverts excel in because of the nature of our personalities.


  • Your ability to connect deeply actually works in your benefit, especially if you’re working one-on-one with your clients. 
  • Sales is an activity of listening. Your job is to lead the conversation using high quality questions, actively listening and responding appropriately. 
  • Even if you are an introvert, you have the ability to sell. Sales is a skill that anyone can learn.



  • Why introverts can do extremely well in sales [01:25]
  • Why your hanging out in the background at networking events is the exact strategy you can apply to selling in your business [02:16]
  • How my client, who is both introverted and shy, figured out a way to sell that worked extremely well for her [05:17]
  • The TWO critical pieces you need to manage your energy when selling [09:41]
  • Why sales is really an activity of active listening and how this works really well for you as an introvert [12:45]


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5 Steps To Growing Your Abundant Sales Mindset – How to connect authentically with your audience so you can finally sell with more ease and less sleaze. Grab your free copy now.

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