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Hey! Maybe you’re like me and you might be tempted to completely turn off this episode because you really don’t like the idea of having to network at all. Especially if you’re an introvert and your insides are already cringing a little bit. But I’m going to ask that you give this episode a chance no matter what your personality, what your experience has been with other networking events or just the whole idea of it.

In this episode, We’re going to be talking all about networking and how to do it like a pro using tools that are right at your fingertips, on your phone and how to do it without being sleazy or spammy. I don’t want you to miss the boat! I want you to take advantage of a huge opportunity that I believe is still available to you.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • No matter what social media platform you choose to network on, you don’t need to be anybody other than yourself.
  • If you are networking for the sole purpose of selling somebody right there on the spot, that is never going to work or very rarely is that going to work. Because people buy from those that they know, like, and trust. While we could speed that up with some borrowed relationship, you can’t rush it.
  • If you’ve been genuine and curious, then almost automatically you’re going to create a connection with somebody. This is the perfect spot in order to lay the foundation for a relationship, whether that’s short term or long term.
  • If you are really good at what you do, then you should never feel afraid about sharing what you do and why you’re so passionate about helping them. When you allow them the opportunity to open up and see the gift that’s inside of you, the way that you can help them and the offer you are providing to them is going to change their lives.


  • Networking is a big part of your business model, but it shouldn’t be the only reason why you’re networking. You need to be intentional, be human and personable. [Tweet This]
  • The number one topic that business owners love to talk about is themselves. By virtue of you being curious and asking a lot of questions, they are naturally going to open up to you. #salesconversations #salesstrategy [Tweet This]
  • Really think about how you’d like to network. Don’t veer off course simply because an expert has told you that this is the best way to be social. Do what works for you and feels good to you. [Tweet This]


  • Why the social media platform you choose depends on your ideal clients and your business [03:41]
  • How to network on social media platforms and how to pay attention to yourself when you are networking so it is aligned to how you naturally are [07:33]
  • Why it is totally okay to be who you really are even on formal platforms such as LinkedIn [09:41]
  • How the success of your sales relates to networking [10:47]
  • Why you need to get curious about the people who you are meeting [12:32]
  • How to create genuine connections [14:27]
  • Why networking online is an introvert’s dream [17:44]
  • Why online networking was my go-to strategy when I was dealing with post traumatic stress and high anxiety after my car accident [18:30]

Bonus Resource:

Episode 21: Top 3 Sales Trends For 2020 To Increase Your RevenueBeing personable is one of my top 3 sales trends that will set you up for success in 2020 and dare I say, even in the coming decade. In this episode, you will learn how to be more personable in your interactions and conversations with your audience, and also why stories resonate more emotionally with us and why it’s something that we remember.

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