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What if I don’t have a sales process? I have no idea what it is that I am doing when I’m selling. Even if I am making sales, I don’t actually know where they’re coming from. I have no idea how people find me. I really don’t have a system. I don’t have a process… 

If you’ve been wondering about these things, this episode is for you. We’ll talk about mastering the seven critical steps of your sales process, so you can stop throwing spaghetti against the wall and having to recreate things constantly. And you finally enjoy the things that you uniquely are created to do, in your business!

Biggest Takeaways:

  • You need to have enough lead generation or live prospects that you are actually moving through to the next stage because people are going to be engaging with you at all stages of the sales process.
  • It’s your business. You get to choose, you get to choose who you work with. You get to choose who you say yes to. And more importantly, that invites the clients who are the perfect fit.
  • The fortune is in the followup and on average most folks are actually not buying until the fifth to eighth touch point. If you are not doing a ton of marketing, chances are sales process are the touch points that you’re having with your customer. And if this is the only way that you’re engaging with your audience, then you’re going to talk to them more often and this can be done through your follow up.



  • Too often people are focusing on leads, leads, leads, but any good sales person worth their salt will tell you that it’s the quality of the leads that matter. [Tweet This]
  • You get to choose who you say yes to. And more importantly, that invites the perfect fit clients for you. [Tweet This]
  • By making more invitations at the end of conversation where you feel confident that this person is a yes for you and you are a yes for them. You are going to double your sales every single time. [Tweet This]


  • The seven steps of the sales process so that you can identify what you’re doing right and start closing the gaps. [02:21]
  • How to get people to identify themselves as prospects in your business. [04:11]
  • Prequalifying your leads and the main thing that you need to focus on. [06:57]
  • You always get to choose and it is important that you choose a client that is the right fit for you. [09:45]
  • How to get clear on how you help your clients and help them understand that perfectly. [12:57]
  • How to present your offer and ensure you don’t get ghosted after. [15:51]
  • How to handle objections with ease. [21:58]
  • Closing the sale effectively. [24:36]
  • Fortune is in the follow up. [29:19]


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