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If you listened to an earlier episode where I discussed my sales trend predictions for 2020 and beyond, this is a great episode for you because it takes it to the next level to help you identify how do you keep growing those personal relationships, what does that look like, who should they be with and how do you ensure that you are focusing on the right types of activities for each type of person.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Too often we overlook the opportunity to connect when we’re having conversations with individuals, we simply think they’re not important enough because they’re not a potential client. By doing that, we’re diminishing the value that they could bring to the table for us because we’re desperately looking for clients.
  • The three relationship currencies – clients, collaborators and connectors, are all important. Our collaborators and connectors can indirectly and directly lead us to more clients.
  • In these relationship currencies, you are in charge of how much goes in and how much gets taken out. There needs to be kind of a reciprocal back and forth because you can’t have too much going and not enough coming out or vice versa.


  • There is no shortage of clients out there in the world for you to be able to tap into. [Tweet This]
  • Your whole thing is to find as many people that you can serve every single day, at least one person. [Tweet This]
  • Collaborate and partner with complimentary businesses to create more bandwidth, more expertise and more value for both your audiences. [Tweet This]


  • Why relationships are like money in the bank [01:29]
  • What happens when you only see everyone as a potential customer [03:19]
  • There is no competition, only other people you can collaborate with. When you collaborate, you are able to sell in a way where you wouldn’t be able to do individually. [07:05]
  • Why partnering with complimentary businesses allows you to reach out to many more people [10:18]
  • How to ensure that your collaboration agreement fairly benefits both you and the person/business you are collaborating with [11:07]
  • There are people out there who love to connect people and why it is ok to ask them to connect you with people who need what you have to offer [13:29]

Bonus Resource:

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