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Aired on October 9, 2019
Episode 8
Why Buyers Say No & How To Hear A Yes!
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Want to hear yeses from customers? Start by gaining their trust. Proceed to show results and have confidence in yourself.

Why Buyers Say No & How To Hear A Yes!

Have you ever had a sales conversation and wondered why the heck a potential customer isn't just saying yes? You know you can help them, but they seem uncertain. It can be annoying and leave you feeling like you're missing something in your sales process. You're not alone. In this episode, we're diving into the top three reasons why buyers say no and how you can turn those no's into yeses.

Building Trust

The first reason buyers say no is because they don't trust you. Trust acts as the foundation of any successful sales relationship. Your customers have to trust that you have a high level of expertise and credibility to help them. It's not just about what you say, but also how consistently you show up, deliver, and show your expertise. Building trust can be as simple as being authentic, transparent, and delivering on your promises.

Demonstrated Results

The second reason buyers hesitate to say yes is because they're not sure if your product or service will work for them. This is where social proof, testimonials, and case studies will help. If you have a great record of helping others and delivering results, share that! Sometimes, we downplay our success because it's become routine for us, but it's important for future customers to see the value and potential impact of what you offer.


The last key reason buyers say no is because they're not sure if they can do it. This is very common for high-ticket items or services requiring a high level of expertise. Potential buyers need to believe that they can achieve the results you promise. Address their concerns by providing clear, realistic expectations, answering FAQs, and making the process as easy as possible. Whether it's time commitment, tech-savviness, or any other barriers, alleviate their self-doubt by demonstrating how achievable success is.

By addressing these three barriers – trust, demonstrated results, and self-confidence – you can optimize your sales process to hear more yeses. Remember, the more you can make potential buyers feel like you're speaking directly to them and their needs, the easier it is for them to say yes.

If you need more support in understanding and getting over these barriers, I have a lot of resources and tutorials on my Facebook business page that can help you identify and address the reasons why your customers might be holding back from saying yes. It's all about inviting them to consider a different opportunity and being open to their concerns.

If you're ready to hear more yeses in your business, start by building trust, demonstrating results, and addressing self-confidence. The more you can understand and connect with your potential buyers, the closer you are to turning those no's into a yes!

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Biggest Takeaways:

  • When you have that kind of magic secret sauce for your true ideal clients, it is really going to be magnetic. It is something where they’d go, “I want that. Gosh, I didn’t even realize that that was something that I’d been looking for, but I desperately need and I want it.”
  • Your customers have to trust that you have a high level of expertise and credibility around being able to do what it is that can actually help them the most.
  • Understand the critical piece of tapping into all of our emotions on why we can’t do something and inviting them to think about a different opportunity, inviting them to consider a different option to what they think is the solution. The more open you can be in that conversation, the quicker you can invite them into that opportunity.



  • The most critical factor is that they trust that what you say is actually true. They trust that you have a high level of expertise and credibility around being able to help them the most. [Tweet This]
  • Actually you get fabulous results. You just downplayed it because you’re so used to getting that level of result with the people you serve, that you don’t even realize how wonderful it is. [Tweet This]
  • The more you can make them feel like you’re speaking to them, that this is exactly what they need, this is exactly the time for them to do this, the easier it is going to be for them to SAY YES. [Tweet This] 



  • This is the most critical thing you need to have beyond the know, like and trust factor. [02:41]
  • How we rationalize our purchases. [03:06]
  • Having the confidence in knowing that what you do will work for your clients and how you may be downplaying the results you get for them. [04:15]
  • Pay attention to this if you’re selling high ticket, higher priced programs, services done for you services where there’s a high level of expertise that is required. [07:10]
  • Quick recap on the top three reasons why buyers say no [11:02]

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