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Lead generation is very much part of your sales process and if you missed Episode 10: Mastering The 7 Critical Steps Of Your Sales Process, go back and listen to it where I walk you through all seven steps in the sales process.

In this episode, we’re talking about why lead generation is a huge part of your sales process and how important it is when you’re trying to get more sales, help more customers and make more money and impact.

It’s so important that your prospecting activities are part of your sales process. And you don’t lose sight of how important it is that you take action on your sales and marketing activities as consistently as you possibly can.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Lead generation and prospecting, they are one in the same, as it both relates to your sales process. The reason for that is because the mechanism of creating leads is really designed to help you to prospect.
  • If you’re talking to people who aren’t ready to say yes, and until you up the quality, you’re going to consistently hear more nos than yeses.
  • Do your lead generation activities consistently day in and day out every single day, maximizing your time on one, two or three different types of prospecting activities from high quality sources where your dream clients are hanging out at.


  • If you don’t have enough leads coming in to the front end of your sales pipeline, then you don’t have enough people that are walking through the next stages of your sales process. [Tweet This]
  • Never underestimate what you’ve actually learned through experience without being “certified” or having gone to school for it. [Tweet This]


  • Why it is important to have enough leads coming through the door [01:43]
  • Sales and marketing activities need to go hand in hand, in order for both to work effectively [05:27]
  • The quality of your leads matter and where to find your dream clients [09:50]
  • What your lead generation activities need to look like in order to get more sales [17:48]
  • How I started to tighten up and automate my lead qualification process [21:25]

Bonus Resource:

Episode 10: Mastering The 7 Critical Steps Of Your Sales Process – mastering the seven critical steps of your sales process, so you can stop throwing spaghetti against the wall and having to recreate things constantly. And you finally enjoy the things that you uniquely are created to do, in your business!

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