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Aired on January 18, 2022
Episode 129
3 Leading Sales Conversation Mistakes
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Avoid 3 common sales conversational mistakes: actively listen, address pain points, and exude confidence. Strengthen connections, build trust, and lead to successful outcomes. Keep improving your skills and stay confident!

3 Common Sales Conversation Mistakes

In sales, avoiding common pitfalls can turn potential misses into successful deals. Here are three frequent mistakes and how to overcome them.

1. Not Actively Listening

Problem: Failing to actively listen to the prospect, focusing more on what to say next.

Solution: Truly listen, take notes, ask relevant questions, and show genuine interest in the prospect's words. This builds rapport and provides insights for a successful sale.

2. Ignoring Prospect's Pain Points

Problem: Overlooking the prospect's specific challenges and focusing only on product features.

Solution: Identify and understand the prospect's pain points. Tailor your pitch to demonstrate how your product solves these specific issues, positioning yourself as a solution provider.

3. Lacking Confidence

Problem: Lack of confidence in your product can create doubt in the prospect's mind.

Solution: Believe in your product. Enhance your knowledge, practice your pitch, and confidently address objections. Your belief in the product's value will instill confidence in the prospect.


Avoid these mistakes by actively listening, addressing pain points, and exuding confidence. This approach will strengthen connections, build trust, and lead to more successful sales outcomes. Keep improving your skills and stay confident in your abilities.

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Biggest Takeaways:   

  • The number one thing that we usually skip over is the basics.
  •  When you don’t have a plan, you plan to fail and it is the same for your sales conversations.
  • Sales are about leadership because somebody has to be in charge.
  • If there’s a gap in your sales process, it will show up in your sales call and in your sales conversation.
  • If you’re constantly talking and talking, you will never access the valuable information you need.
  • Why waste time and energy asking good quality questions, if at the end of the day, you are not prepared to listen to the answer?
  • The number one thing that people want in this world is to be understood.



  • The very 1st Leading Sales Conversation Mistake [02:17]
  • The 2nd Leading Sales Conversation Mistake [08:45]
  • The 3rd Leading Sales Conversation Mistake [14:45]
  • What your leadership requires [20:54]


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