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Aired on March 1, 2022
Episode 135
How to Sell to 4 Key Decision Making Personalities
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Tailor your sales approach to resonate with Analytical Thinkers, Expressive Influencers, Amiable Supporters, and Drivers. Adapt, connect, and engage effectively to win their trust and seal the deal. Flexibility, empathy, and tailored strategies are key. #SaleSuccess

How to Sell to 4 Key Decision Making Personalities

Are you struggling to close the deal with different types of decision-makers?

Do you find it challenging to connect with each individual on a personal level and tailor your sales approach accordingly?

Understanding the diverse personalities of decision-makers can significantly impact your sales success. By recognizing and adapting your selling style to accommodate these personalities, you can engage effectively and increase your chances of sealing the deal.

Let's dive into the four key decision-making personalities and explore how you can sell to each one.

The Analytical Thinker


  • Data-driven
  • Detail-oriented
  • Cautious
  • Logical


When selling to an Analytical Thinker, focus on providing comprehensive data, statistics, and case studies to support your product or service. Make sure to address their questions with precision and accuracy, and be prepared to delve into the specifics. Avoid using vague or exaggerated claims, as they appreciate factual evidence and logical reasoning. Present a well-organized and structured proposal to gain their confidence in your solution.

The Expressive Influencer


  • Outgoing
  • Energetic
  • Charismatic
  • Inspiring


To connect with an Expressive Influencer, emphasize the positive impact your offering can have on their goals or vision. Engage them in a lively and enthusiastic conversation, highlighting the benefits and potential outcomes. Use storytelling and visuals to paint a vivid picture of success with your product or service. Show genuine interest in their ideas and demonstrate how your solution aligns with their aspirations.

The Amiable Supporter


  • Compassionate
  • Patient
  • Team-oriented
  • Relationship-focused


When dealing with an Amiable Supporter, prioritize building a personal connection and nurturing a sense of trust. Take the time to listen empathetically to their concerns and needs, showing genuine care and understanding. Emphasize the reliability and long-term support that your offering provides, and how it contributes to their well-being and the welfare of their team. Demonstrate that you are committed to their success and dedicated to maintaining a supportive relationship.

The Driver


  • Results-oriented
  • Direct
  • Competitive
  • Decisive


When engaging with a Driver, focus on showcasing concrete results and the competitive advantages of your product or service. Be concise and straightforward in your communication, addressing their bottom-line objectives and demonstrating a clear path to achieving their goals. Present evidence of how your solution outperforms competitors and yields significant returns. Respect their time and be assertive in your approach, aligning with their preference for efficiency and outcomes.


Selling to different decision-making personalities requires flexibility, empathy, and tailored strategies. By recognizing the unique characteristics and preferences of Analytical Thinkers, Expressive Influencers, Amiable Supporters, and Drivers, you can adjust your sales approach to resonate effectively with each individual. Remember to adapt your communication style, emphasize relevant aspects of your offering, and build a personal connection based on their distinct motivations.

With a versatile and considerate sales approach, you can successfully engage with diverse decision-makers and ultimately win their trust and business!

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Biggest Takeaways:   

  • You have to guide people because they don’t know it’s a 2 way thing, like dancing. They don’t know the steps.
  • The sales process is all about making decisions. Your job is to lead those decisions.
  • Nobody fits into a linear box.
  • We all have bits and pieces of each of these individual personalities, depending on what it is that we’re buying and depending on the situation and scenario.
  • A lot of our very dominant personalities need reassurance that they’re making a good decision, that they have enough data, that they can feel confident that this is the right decision for them.
  • The more that you can remove uncertainty, the easier it will be.
  • Don’t ignore what’s important to specific personality types because it’s not something you’re comfortable with.



  • What sales is all about [03:39]
  • Remember this [07:38]
  • A whole training about how to leverage different personality types [09:45]
  • How the sales process can be very quick [13:32]
  • Everything you need to know about steadiness style person [18:35]
  • The more you do this, the easier it is going to be for them to say yes [23:02]
  • What I want you to consider, as you’re going through the sales process with somebody [26:18]


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