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We’re back for part 2 and why lead generation problems are not only about leads. This is something I’ve been shouting from the rooftops from the very beginning of my business. Properly qualifying leads will make a complete difference in the return on investment of your business, because through it, we separate the wheat from the tare.

You have to be able to separate leads that are interested in your product or service, nurturing those who aren’t ready by educating them, to then qualify them and make them future customers. From the moment you capture a lead, you will be able to know which stage of the buying journey they are in, as well as their interests and needs. This is done throughout the stages of the sales funnel. There is a lot behind lead generation that we are going to dive more into today. Let’s dive in!


Biggest Takeaways:                        

  • We often will say it’s quality over quantity without understanding how to identify the quality leads.
  • Referrals puts your businesses in the hands of the people that you are relying on to provide referrals for you.
  • You do not need many leads to be successful.
  • You need to know what to do with those leads once you have them.
  • Quantity still works, but there is a different strategy that needs to be employed when we are focusing on mass market and increasing the numbers.
  • When you focus on quality, you have to be okay with saying no to certain people.
  • Mastery is what happens when we have quality.
  • We have to master the language with which we communicate with them. That is the conversion process.
  • If you continue to focus on quantity over quality, you will be burnt out and exhausted.
  • Focusing on quality can often lead to an overflow of people coming into the different types of products and services and programs that you want in a variety of ways, sometimes very unexpected.



  • Referrals [04:09]
  • Three things that will keep you stop you  from attracting more quality leads [08:24]
  • A reminder of part one [13:28]
  • What happens when you are specific [16:38]
  • What causes frustration [21:35]
  • There is a strategic way [24:40]
  • Thinking through how you convert leads to say yes [28:59]


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