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Aired on March 16, 2021
Episode 85
How to Value Properly
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Unlock your business potential! Valuing your business properly is crucial. Understand its purpose, gather accurate financial info, assess comparable companies, utilize valuation methods, consider future growth, and seek professional guidance. Embrace the process for strategic planning and informed decision-making.

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How do you usually think about valuing your brand, your product, your courses and everything you produce and create to serve people? Does it make your head spin with all the options? Well my friend, inspired by loyal listener Yani (Muryani), today we talk about exactly how to properly value not only your work, your brand, your company, but also your time and how you use it to achieve your dreams and reach your goals. You don’t need to undercharge and overdeliver in order to be successful and keep customers happy. Let’s dive in!


Biggest Takeaways:

  • Once you make a sale, you now have a debt obligation in terms of servicing the client. Something still needs to be delivered.
  • The money has not yet been earned until you fulfill your end of the bargain.
  • There’s always an opportunity for you to do more.
  • Make sure you maintain the boundary of what it was that you promised you would deliver.
  • You can’t just do things and not expect there to be consequences.
  • If it’s taking you longer than what you anticipate, you need to know that upfront.
  • Time is the most precious thing.
  • You can’t replace your time one hundred percent.
  • If your client doesn’t have a budget for what you are trying to deliver, they’re not the best client for you
  • Communication around expectations and leadership to maintain boundaries is essential.



  • The first question to dive into [02:13]
  • What ends up happening? [03:04]
  • The number one thing that gets in the way [03:47]
  • What you need to realize [05:35]
  • What clients don’t always understand [07:25]
  • Through those learning experiences [08:35]
  • Don’t forget that there’s a journey [09:33]
  • Key learning [11:24]
  • Quick examples [11:45]
  • How our world operates [19:00]
  • Powerful Tip: Document your process [20:12]
  • In case you need more help [22:21]


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