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Aired on September 14, 2021
Episode 111
Intuitive Selling
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Master intuitive selling to transform your sales game. Build genuine relationships, listen empathetically, and offer tailored solutions. Ask meaningful questions, share relatable stories, and keep relationships going. Trust your instincts, be authentic, and focus on empathy. Embrace intuitive selling for meaningful experiences and thriving businesses.

Intuitive Selling

Struggling with sales? Feel like it's not your strong suit? Intuitive selling might be the key. It's about deeply understanding your clients and connecting with them authentically. This approach focuses on empathy and tailored solutions, making sales feel more natural and effective. Let's dive into what intuitive selling is and how it can change your sales game.

What is Intuitive Selling?

Building Real Connections

Intuitive selling is all about genuine relationships. It involves getting to know your clients' real needs, their challenges, and what they're aiming for. By empathizing with them, you build trust, which is crucial for a successful sales relationship.

Empathetic Listening

This approach requires you to really listen and empathize. Pay attention to what your clients are saying and their non-verbal signals. Showing that you genuinely care about their problems leads to better, more open conversations.

Personalized Solutions

Forget the one-size-fits-all method. Intuitive selling means offering solutions that specifically address your clients' unique needs. This shows that you value their success over just making a sale.

How to Master Intuitive Selling

Ask Meaningful Questions

Good intuitive selling involves asking questions that really make your clients think and reveal their deeper needs and motivations. Understanding their personal and professional goals gives you insights to tailor your approach.

Storytelling that Resonates

Use stories that your clients can relate to. Share success stories or case studies that mirror their challenges and show how you've helped others. This creates an emotional connection and highlights your value.

Keep Relationships Going

Intuitive selling doesn't stop at the sale. It's about ongoing relationships. Keep providing value and support even after the sale to build loyalty and turn happy customers into advocates for your brand.

Embracing Intuitive Selling

Trust Your Gut

Intuitive selling means trusting your instincts and using your emotional intelligence. Learn to read between the lines and understand your clients' unspoken needs.

Be Authentic

In sales, being real is invaluable. Intuitive selling lets you be yourself, creating honest, transparent connections. When clients see the real you, they're more likely to trust and connect with you.

Focus on Empathy

Empathy is central to intuitive selling. Really put yourself in your clients' shoes. When they feel understood, they're more open to engaging with you.


Intuitive selling isn't just about closing deals; it's about creating meaningful experiences for you and your clients. By focusing on empathy, authenticity, and tailored solutions, you can transform your approach to sales and see your business thrive in new ways. Embrace intuitive selling and watch your sales and client relationships grow.

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Biggest Takeaways:

  • Whether it’s a B2B (business to business) or a B2C (business to consumer), at the end of the day, we are all dealing with real humans or people to people (P2P).
  • Why there’s no exact formula.
  • Traditional sales is pushy.
  • Be in the present moment.
  • The quality of our life is demonstrated by the quality of the questions we ask.
  • Intuitive selling is the key to making things way easier than you have been.
  • As you practice, this will improve.



  • What intuitive selling is [01:34]
  • How does intuitive selling differ from more traditional sales [04:04]
  • How in the heck do you actually use intuitive selling to impact your results [07:25]
  • How to get help inside my inner circle [07:44]
  • Three specific steps that will allow you to use intuitive selling [08:05]
  • 1st Step to use Intuitive Selling [08:37]
  • 2nd Step to use Intuitive Selling [10:57]
  • 3rd Step to use Intuitive Selling [14:20]
  • The last piece that I want you to know [17:24]
  • Getting help [22:48]


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