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Aired on February 1, 2022
Episode 131
Key Bottlenecks to Scaling Sales
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Struggling to boost sales? Ineffective processes, unclear strategy, underperforming team, and sales-marketing misalignment might be holding you back. Nourish leads, set clear goals, empower your team, and align sales-marketing for success. Evaluation and positive changes will propel your sales journey. Assess, strategize, execute, and unleash your full potential. Good luck!

Key Bottlenecks to Scaling Sales

Struggling to boost your sales? You're not alone. Many businesses face challenges when trying to increase their sales. Let's explore common bottlenecks and how to overcome them.

Ineffective Sales Processes

A major hurdle is inefficient sales processes. If your process isn't streamlined, your team might struggle to close deals and turn leads into customers. Consider these:

  • Lead Management: Are you effectively nurturing and following up with leads?
  • Sales Funnel: Is your sales funnel designed for maximum efficiency and conversion?
  • Sales Tools and Technology: Are you using the best tools and technology to support your sales team?

Lack of Clear Sales Strategy and Goals

Without a clear strategy and defined goals, your team might lose focus. This can lead to inefficiency and missed opportunities. Think about:

  • Defining Target Audience: Do you clearly understand who your target customers are?
  • Setting SMART Goals: Are your sales goals specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound?
  • Sales Training and Development: Does your team have the necessary skills and training?

Underperforming Sales Team

Your sales team is crucial for scaling sales. If they're not performing well, it can hinder growth. Focus on:

  • Hiring the Right People: Are the right people in the right roles?
  • Sales Team Motivation: Are you motivating your team effectively?
  • Performance Management: Are you properly measuring and managing your team's performance?

Inadequate Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing need to work together seamlessly. If they don't, it can create bottlenecks. Examine:

  • Communication and Collaboration: Are your sales and marketing teams communicating and collaborating effectively?
  • Lead Quality and Quantity: Is your marketing generating high-quality leads for your sales team?
  • Feedback Loop: Is there a system for sharing insights and improving processes?


Scaling sales is challenging, but by identifying and addressing these bottlenecks, you can set your business up for success. Evaluate your sales processes, strategies, team performance, and sales-marketing alignment. Positive changes in these areas can significantly impact your ability to scale sales.

Remember, scaling sales is a journey. Assess, strategize, and execute - and you'll unlock your full sales potential. Good luck!

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Biggest Takeaways:   

  • The lack of leads is like pipes without any water coming in, it’s going to be bone dry at some point.
  • It is all about quality over quantity.
  • It’s really important that you connect your marketing with your sales process.
  • It becomes very difficult to scale your sales without a proven process of success, especially around conversion.
  • This does not mean that you have to have a million different things, but it means that what you do, it actually works.
  • Scaling is about focus. It’s about really honing in on the key areas that actually allow you to get to your goals as quickly as possible.
  • If we are constantly chasing this idea of more complexity, more clients, more sales… More is not always the answer.


  • The 1st key bottleneck for you to scale your sales [01:49]
  • Two main pieces that impact and influence your ability to have consistent cash flow.[04:30]
  • The 2nd key bottleneck for you to scale your sales [06:36]
  • The 3rd key bottleneck for you to scale your sales [09:57]
  • What leveraging is in the sales world [26:01]
  • The key to scaling [27:22]
  • A quick recap on all the concepts [28:12]


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