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Aired on August 3, 2021
Episode 105
3 Simple Strategies to Sell Out Masterminds (feat. Mark Keene)
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Sell out your mastermind groups with 3 simple strategies! Identify your ideal participants, captivate with storytelling, and create an irresistible offer. Build a community of engaged, like-minded individuals and watch your mastermind thrive! Mark Keene's insights can take you even further. Let's do this!

3 Simple Strategies to Sell Out Masterminds (feat. Mark Keene)

Hello, entrepreneurs and business owners! Ready to fill your mastermind groups with eager participants? Together with Mark Keene, we've got three straightforward strategies to help you achieve just that. Let's get started!

1. Identify Your Ideal Participants

First things first, know who you're targeting. Mark Keene emphasizes, "Your vibe attracts your tribe." Here's how to pinpoint your ideal mastermind participants:

Understand Your Niche

Identify the specific industry or group your mastermind serves. Are they entrepreneurs, professionals, or creatives? This clarity helps tailor your message to attract the right people.

Define Ideal Participant Traits

What qualities do your perfect participants possess? Are they driven, collaborative, open-minded? Understanding these traits helps shape your marketing and sets the tone for your mastermind.

2. Leverage the Power of Storytelling

Next, captivate your audience with storytelling, a technique Mark Keene champions. Here's how to use it effectively:

Share Your Journey

What's your story? How did you get here, and what successes have you celebrated? Sharing your personal journey connects with potential members on an emotional level.

Highlight Success Stories

Got alumni with great achievements? Showcase these testimonials. Success stories are compelling and demonstrate the real impact of your mastermind.

3. Create an Irresistible Offer

Finally, make them an offer they can't refuse. Mark Keene knows the power of a compelling offer:

Bundle Value-Added Bonuses

What extra benefits can you include? Think exclusive resources, personal coaching, or special event access. These bonuses can make your mastermind stand out.

Implement Scarcity and Urgency

Use limited availability or a closing enrollment window to create urgency. This tactic can encourage quick decision-making and commitment.


Selling out your mastermind is achievable with the right approach. Identify your ideal participants, captivate them with your story, and present an irresistible offer. These strategies not only attract the right people but also build a community of engaged, like-minded individuals.

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Now, go ahead and apply these strategies to sell out your mastermind groups. Success awaits!

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Biggest Takeaways:

  • Hesitation can destroy people’s dreams. It can rob you of your destiny.
  • You can grow your business to six figures in a year.
  • You don’t need to overcomplicate things. Think simple and smart!
  • You can always have new content to give people if you just always keep learning and improving.
  • Do the thing you love.
  • When you lift yourself up, you can lift other people alongside.
  • If you just make it all about you, then of course it’s gonna feel awkward, but this is about you giving people an opportunity and inviting them into a conversation.
  • Whatever your market is, there’s opportunities to go to events and networking, connect and create genuine connections and see value that you can add.
  • People are desperate to be heard and seen and valued. If you just listen well and value and honor them, your clients will be interested in you and what you’re selling.
  • Don’t say things to get a sale. Say things because you care about people.
  • God gave us one mouth and two ears for a reason.
  • Learn how to be a good listener when you are closing deals.
  • Simply by being a human being, you have everything that you need in order to sell.
  • Sales is about decision-making. It’s about guiding and helping to lead people to decide what is the next step.
  • Energy is everything.



  • Mark Keene’s Background [06:59]
  • 3 Ways to get more clients [14:18]
  • The Rings of Influence [16:53]
  • How much time does it actually take to implement a three-prong approach strategy? [19:53]
  • What is the Big Push and how can you use it? [21:39]
  • Expanding your capacity [24:29]
  • How to lift others up alongside [25:21]
  • Why everything we do is connected or could be better connected.[32:59]
  • Using connectivity to your advantage [35:20]
  • How to do enrollment calls properly [38:23]
  • What people desperately want [39:41]
  • Understanding the right questions [40:20]
  • Book Recommendation: To Sell is Human – Daniel Pink [40:46]
  • What is sales all about? [41:14]
  • Energy is everything [44:02]


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