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Aired on September 28, 2021
Episode 113
Quarterly Sales Planning That Actually Increases Results
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"Boost your business by setting clear, achievable goals and crafting actionable strategies. Empower your sales team with training and support. Track progress, be agile, and celebrate successes. Learn from failures and stay focused. With these steps, turn your sales planning into a powerful tool for growth. Good luck!"

Quarterly Sales Planning That Actually Increases Results

Welcome to our guide on effective quarterly sales planning! If you're aiming to boost your business's sales results, you're in the right place. Sales planning might seem tough, but with the right steps, it can be a game-changer. Let's explore how to make your quarterly sales planning impactful and drive growth for your business.

Setting Clear Goals

Kick off your sales planning by setting clear, achievable goals. This step is crucial as it guides all your actions for the quarter.

Defining Specific Objectives

Decide on specific goals for your sales team. What do you want to achieve this quarter? It could be hitting a certain revenue, expanding market share, or bringing in new customers. Ensure these goals are measurable and realistic.

Understanding Past Performance

Review your previous sales performance. Identify what strategies worked and what didn't. This analysis helps you set more accurate goals for the upcoming quarter.

Developing Actionable Strategies

With your goals set, it's time to craft strategies to reach them. This is where you plan your approach to meet your objectives.

Identifying Key Opportunities

Look for major opportunities in your market. This could be launching a new product, teaming up with another company, or running a special promotion. Choose opportunities that align with your goals.

Leveraging Data and Insights

Use data to shape your strategies. Analyze customer behavior, market trends, and your competition to make informed decisions.

Empowering Your Sales Team

Your sales team is crucial to your plan's success. Give them the tools and support they need.

Providing Training and Resources

Invest in your team's training and resources. This could include sales training programs, new sales materials, or access to sales technology.

Setting Clear Expectations

Clearly communicate your goals and what you expect from your team. Ensure they know their individual targets and their role in the bigger picture.

Tracking Progress and Making Adjustments

Monitor your plan's progress and be ready to tweak it if needed.

Using Performance Metrics

Set up metrics to track your team's performance. This might include sales KPIs, new customer rates, or conversion rates.

Being Agile

Stay flexible and adjust your plan if necessary. If some strategies aren't working, be open to trying new methods.

Celebrating Success and Learning from Failure

Celebrate your wins and learn from any setbacks.

Recognizing Achievements

Celebrate your team's successes. Recognize their efforts, offer incentives, or reward top performers.

Embracing a Growth Mindset

See failures as chances to learn and grow. If some strategies fail, use it to gain insights and improve next quarter.

In Conclusion

Effective quarterly sales planning is about empowering your team, using data, and being adaptable. By following these steps and staying focused on your goals, you can turn your sales planning into a powerful tool for growth. Good luck!

Now, we'd love to hear from you. What's your top tip for successful quarterly sales planning? Share in the comments below!

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Biggest Takeaways:     


  • Quarterly planning can’t be done in isolation.
  • A quarter is a time period of three months. There are 4 quarters a year.
  • A question to ask yourself: What is your goal for the whole year?
  • Everything needs to connect together.
  • There’s a specific order of operations that makes life a lot more fulfilling, more productive and more effective.
  • Business can be simple. Sales can be simple. Planning can be simple, but not if you’re doing them all in a discombobulated and disconnected way.
  • Although it feels like three months is a long time, focus on marketing,  promoting and selling one offer.
  • If you have a bigger team,consider which campaign is your main priority.
  • Your delivery process needs to be built into your planning.
  • The biggest and brightest companies on the planet incorporate continual learning as part of their development, culture, and expectations. If you want to be the best or one of the bests, start thinking and plan like them.
  • There’s some pieces there that we need to constantly improve.



  • If you need more help on this or other business areas [01:30]
  • What I want you to know and fully understand [02:16]
  • First of all: Always look at the big picture [04:15]
  • Why entrepreneurs can lack motivation [06:12]
  • Golden business tip to think about [07:23]
  • The 7 habits for highly effective people (from Stephen Covey) [10:07]
  • Grab my powerful mini course in case you need more help or support with this [12:41]
  • How you can connect the dots between these things –Key mindset [15:08]
  • Why the numbers are there [17:23]
  • A real-life example [21:39]
  • What you need to include if you’re launching [25:28]
  • The Last Piece of the Framework [26:11]


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