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Aired on August 31, 2021
Episode 109
Servant Leadership & Sales
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"Ready to boost your team's performance and make a positive impact? Embrace servant leadership! Empower, build trust, encourage teamwork, and celebrate successes. Happy, loyal employees, stronger customer relationships, and better sales results await. It's not just a philosophy, it's a practical approach to elevate your sales success!"

Servant Leadership & Sales

Hello, sales leaders! Ready to boost your team's performance and make a positive impact? Let's dive into how servant leadership can revolutionize your sales approach.

Understanding Servant Leadership

Servant leadership flips the traditional leadership model. It's about serving your team, helping them grow, and creating a supportive environment. This approach can be a game-changer in sales.

Why Servant Leadership Works in Sales

Empowering Your Team

Empowerment is key in sales. Servant leadership, with its focus on growth and support, empowers sales teams to excel.

Building Trust and Relationships

Sales thrive on trust and relationships. Servant leadership, emphasizing empathy and genuine connections, aligns perfectly with these sales essentials.

Encouraging Teamwork

Sales isn't a solo sport. Servant leadership fosters collaboration, vital for a successful sales team.

Implementing Servant Leadership in Sales

Lead by Example

Show your team what servant leadership looks like. Listen, support, and empathize.

Focus on Growth

Invest in your team's development. Offer learning and mentorship opportunities.

Foster Open Feedback

Encourage honest feedback within your team and be open to receiving it.

Celebrate Together

Acknowledge all successes, creating a positive, supportive culture.

The Impact of Servant Leadership

Happier, Loyal Employees

Servant leadership leads to job satisfaction and lower turnover.

Stronger Customer Relationships

Empowered teams build lasting customer relationships, enhancing loyalty and satisfaction.

Better Sales Results

Ultimately, servant leadership can lead to improved sales performance.


Servant leadership and sales are a perfect match. By leading with compassion and empowering your team, you can achieve remarkable sales results.

So, embrace servant leadership and watch your team and sales soar! Remember, it's not just a philosophy, but a practical approach to elevate your sales success.

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Biggest Takeaways:

  • Leaders are seen as those who make the decisions.
  • Servants are seen as those who follow the decisions of the leader.
  • Listening is actually one of the most, if not the most critical component, along with the quality of the questions that you’re asking in your sales process.
  • Listening cannot be underestimated, especially as servant leaders.
  • What we say and share is not what’s actually received by the other party.
  • You need to understand and be able to hear not only what words are being said in your sales process, but also what’s not being said.
  • As a servant leader, it’s important that you take the time to listen, then respond appropriately.
  • Think about the quality of the conversation and the quality of the questions that you want to ask.



  • What we are talking about as servant leaders [01:26]
  • What servant leaders seek [01:43]
  • Why listening cannot be underestimated [02:27]
  • How we are actually here to serve others [03:03]
  • Critical component of listening [04:47]
  • How to be more active in your listing process – a Servant Leadership Mindset [07:41]
  • The second part of a Servant Leadership Mindset [08:54]
  • The third part of a Servant Leadership Mindset [10:40]


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