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Aired on November 2, 2021
Episode 118
Why Empathy Is Essential to Selling
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Empathy is the game-changer in sales. It helps build trust, solve problems, and create lasting relationships. By actively listening, understanding needs, and acknowledging concerns, you show genuine care that leads to loyal customers and profitable, long-term relationships. Empathy isn't just about selling a product – it's about positively impacting lives.

Why Empathy Is Essential to Selling

Empathy is a game-changer in sales, contrary to the belief that aggressive tactics are key. It's about understanding and connecting with customers on a deeper level. Here's why empathy is vital in sales:

Building Trust Through Understanding

Empathy helps build trust with customers. It shows you care about their needs and concerns, which is crucial for a successful sale.

  • Active Listening: Listen attentively to show you value their opinions.
  • Putting Yourself in Their Shoes: Understand the customer's perspective to tailor your approach.

Meeting Needs, Not Just Making Sales

Empathy shifts the focus from just selling to solving customer problems. Understanding their challenges lets you position your product as a solution, leading to sales and loyalty.

  • Identifying Pain Points: Recognize the customer's challenges to show how your product can help.
  • Customizing Solutions: Tailor your pitch to address the customer's specific needs.

Overcoming Objections with Understanding

Empathy helps address customer objections effectively. Acknowledging concerns respectfully can lead to mutually satisfying solutions.

  • Acknowledging Concerns: Respectfully engage with the customer's objections.
  • Finding Common Ground: Use empathy to find solutions that satisfy both parties.

Creating Lasting Relationships

Empathy fosters long-term customer relationships. Being empathetic earns you trust and respect, making customers more likely to return and refer others.

  • Earning Trust and Respect: Show genuine care to build profitable, long-term relationships.
  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor: Consistent empathy makes you a go-to resource for customers.

In Conclusion

Empathy is crucial in sales. It's about connecting with customers and positively impacting their lives, not just selling a product. Use empathy to build trust, solve problems, overcome objections, and create lasting relationships.

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Biggest Takeaways:

  • Empathy is defined as the ability to share and understand the feelings of another.
  • Empathy is related to our emotional quotient or emotional intelligence.
  • When we are dealing with our potential customers, our leads or prospects, they often make decisions and buy based on emotional reasons or rationale.
  • Human beings justify that emotional buy using logic.
  • It’s important that we use both the logical left brain and the creative right brain, or the more intuitive, emotional side of things.
  • This is all about understanding, being able to use your brain to logically understand another person’s perspective about what’s happening from a situation.
  • Empathic concern is really about the ability to sense to have an understanding, but really, it’s about sensing.
  • Empathy is not just about timing.
  • Empathy is the basis for really solid communication.


  • What is empathy [00:51]
  • Three main types of empathy [01:09]
  • Three different ways that we process emotional information [02:11]
  • The whole point of having empathy [09:22]
  • Things that allow you to create appropriate connections in your sales [10:41]
  • The core piece of emotional intelligence [14:16]

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